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Foolish brainwashed young (& some deluded older) socialists believe Socialism & Communism to be some utopian delight. What they fail to acknowledge is that Hitler not only killed Jewish people because he believed they were a threat, he also killed ALL rich people to take their possessions off them. Socialism & Communism wants everyone EXACTLY the same while the super-rich elite live in decadence & luxury of stolen wealth & goods. That is Socialism & Communism in a nutshell. Along with the planned Corporate Globalism it is beyond evil... This is Globalism & One World Order. That is why they have put invaders in our countries. The foolish have no idea what they are letting themselves in for, but we know & we have a duty to save the foolish from themselves.. Evil doesnt care how it suppresses you, it will do what it thinks necessary. That is why Christianity was born. ------------------------------ Christian & Proud - thats REAL Pride. No Deal Brexit supporter. Despise rotten remainers. Pro-Trump & want him to win 2020. I will also post lots about Wildlife & animals as I love them. Unashamed pescatarian & Spiritual Christian. Thanks for follow. Not doing this to earn money or gain in any way, just sharing news I care about. x

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I believe in God, only I spell it Nature.

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