Editor at https://www.amerika.org/ | Writer at large at https://www.brettstevens.org | Death metal columnist at https://www.deathmetal.org/ | Nietzschean Republican and Perennialist | Five pillars: Free Speech, Hierarchy, Ethno-Nationalism, Transcendental Realism. 1788 conservative.
"The Abrahamic Are Our Misfortune" Peaceful Secessionist Lovecraft Conservative Against Time Forest Wanderer T.R.A.S.H. collector & occasional creator. If you can't handle the T.R.A.S.H. then you'll never see the treasures...
I am a Christian conservative guy. My hobbies include playing and collecting electric guitars, reading, hiking, biking. I work as a writer. Sites I visit regularly: Free Press, City Journal, American Mind, VDARE, Free Beacon, Quillette, Patriot Post, New Criterion, Tablet, etc. In terms of 20th century culture, favorites include: Patricia Highsmith, Andrew Wyeth, Howard Hanson, Jean Stafford, The Four Freshmen, Aaron Copland, The Beatles, Emitt Rhodes, Chad & Jeremy, Sauter-Finegan, Richard Rodgers, Pet Sounds.
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Death metal enthusiast. May or may not entertain unsociable opinions.
I like the Computer and the Informatics in General. Mi piace il Computer e l'Informatica in Generale.
Feb 2016
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