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Irish traditional witch - from Ireland On a mission to provide the public in general with the most beneficial aspects of occultism, encourage open-mindedness and push back against dogmatic skepticism from people who have no actual experience with the occult. Minds is mostly where I post basic Occult skills aimed towards muggles - if you want more intermediate witchy stuff as well as pictures of my adventures, check out my Instagram under the same name. If you are interested in metaphysical conversations in a small, tight-knit, off-mainstream community, please visit my website at So who am I? For anyone interested, I'm 28, I'm from and living in Ireland, and I'm a traditional witch mostly but I dabble with a few different paths and deities. I've covered what makes Irish traditional witchcraft stand apart from others in a post, so if you're interested, go check that out. I'm pretty interested in politics and a big fan of Tim Pool, but I don't take it too seriously, it's just sort of the lore of the world I'm living in for now. I'm not in any way militant about it. I'm also quite fond of the outdoors, and have a canoe, a two-man inflatable dinghy and a 15 foot half cabin boat that used to be a piece of shit but we did it up, and now it's a gorgeous, super comfy lil chugger and I adore it so much. I don't really want to post a load of my lifestyle stuff on here, I'll probably keep it more for whatever teaching moments I can think of, unless I specifically get requests for boat and adventure stuff - and if you fancy it my name is the same on Instagram as it is here, and I put up loads of my adventure stuff there, as well as more involved witchy content (insta is witch central to be fair), tips and tricks, and words of wisdom - or so I like to think. Also taking requests for posts on here, and will answer any questions you may have - I know the occult community on Minds isn't exactly what you'd call massive, but I was hoping this could be like my interface with open-minded normies - and yes, doesn't matter how dank your fucking memes are, a muggle's a muggle to me :P Thankfully in this universe it's not a permanent title, and I really am interested in teaching people this stuff. We're getting well into the swing of the Age of Aquarius and unless I'm completely mad (which is definitely a possibility), occult skills and knowledge are gonna come in reeeeeal handy over the coming few centuries. #witchcraft #occult #pagan #politics #outdoors

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