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Hello Friends! My name on here is Adrian, I am a gay guy from the North East of the United States. I have two animals who I post occasionally my dog Halo and my cat Polly. I post whatever interests me but it's usually memes, nature and politics. L(G)BT I He/Him I PFP art is not my own credit to the artist Hazel+Bell Founded approx. 2/1/20
artist & (re)searcher I find myself to be a lover of mountains, open skies, trees, and untamed forms of life. A romancer of the spirit, I like to keep to myself and walk around. Sometimes though, walks get substantially long and I have to carry an assortment of everyday things in my backpack. Walking through a forest very close to Mussoorie, India I was reminded of poetry in a way that she melted into the flow of my everydayness. Soon I figured that something does not have to follow from something else necessarily, and I fell in love with fire. I sit by the fire, just for the sake of it. I promised myself that I would not burn in this fire, nor let it go out. By the way, if we go higher up into the mountains, we can sit by the fire in summers as well.
Hyderabad Sindh Pakistan
May 2020
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