Alden Klaput

Artist All work is for sale.

Admirer of arts. Planning to use this account as a blog for art history (coming soon xD )

馃嚨馃嚤 NSFW person. Supposedly INFP-T, Home-grown explicit content creator, aspiring underground comic artist & bikini armor enthusiast. I can post SFW content some day, so please feel warned.

ad astra per aspera 馃挏 馃懡馃懡馃懡馃懡馃懡 Japan enthusiast 馃懡馃懡馃懡馃懡馃懡 I like Celts 馃懡馃懡馃懡馃懡馃懡 I don't own any content i post here

Digital Artist

!!! I POST/REPOST ADULT THEMED CONTENT !!! I BLOCK AND DOWNVOTE ALL COVID-CONSPIRATARD POSTS. Lex 鈥 26 鈥 he/they 鈥 STRAYA 鈥 TAKEN 鈾 鈥 DID 鈥 furfag 鈥 fictionkin 鈥 industrial cybergoth 鈥 psychonaut 鈥 pagan 鈥 vegan 鈥 egalitarian 鈥 anti-extremist 鈥 anti-pedo 鈥 anti-zoo #blackstaticart #blackstaticmusic * The BlackStatic account on Minds is not mine, someone else just took the name first.

#LAWOFONE. #MAGA, #QANON, #WWG1WGA, #HAILTOTHECHIEF, GAB: jsmistro, Twotter: jsmistro. Part of the great twotter banishment just after POTUS.

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Mike Hopkins
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I am an older gentleman now in retirement. I have paid my dues to the thieves in suits and hope that I can survive my remaining years while retaining whatever human(e)ity I have left. I don't take vaccines or meds and have not seen a Doctor in over 20 years and surprise, surprise, I am still very active and healthy. I am mainly here to promote my blog and came to this place of refuge from G+ and Facebook. Met some very nice, talented, creative people in the process. Groups that I belong to: Black Knight Freedom: Health Freedom:ttps:// Natural Cures: Worldwide Awakening: Spiritual Awakening: The Starshatters Natural Solutions Wayseers Wellness Life 101 Writing Prompts Hong Kong Freedom Group Minds Poetry Group

Psychedelic Art and Music. Black Metal.

Jun 2019
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