I’m a comic artists based in japan. Working in a cyberpunk style heavily influenced by 80s/90s anime. Here are my handles IG akit144 twitter akitBFPF144

aspiring writer, shit poster, meme slinger and gamer. banner made by Aurimas Jucy pfp by Michael Santos

Digital illustrator and animator. Certified Jill sandwich. I hope you enjoy my work.

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Astro-metal Kettlehead "To get to an unknown land by unknown roads, a traveler cannot allow himself to be guided by his old experience." - Juan de Yepez y Alvasez (John of the Cross) /// Much gratitude to the minds that encourage me: @macvogt @chesschats @rushofwaves @peggy2 @censhorshipsucks @satorid @pajunior @musewithscissors @NAryaputri @futurehumans @InfiniteImaginarium @FaizanKhan @i3utm @RedDragonLS @Silvergill /// All of my original art, design, and writing on this channel is available for you to use as "Free Cultural Work" licensed as Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike. This means you can do whatever you want with it but you have to give me credit and share your use of it with others under the same license.

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designer / animator scribblographer / plurkonomist http://www.skrowl.com (oming hobo scribbles) and http://www.scribblon.com (open source art and education device) ꝏ #curryhobo 𒂼𒄄

Art, Comics & Design
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Ideas, doodles, art, jokes, design & comics 🏴‍☠️ www.society6.com/art_weapon

Squishy Banana Productions
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Matt McCarthy, 3D Artist, Mod author, 3d generalist.

Just some married monster girl that wants to draw titties 🧡 Mostly just a dump for all my art that will also be on twitter by the same @

Comic Creator of GUNSHIP THUNDERPUNCH & WILLIAM THE LAST. I've also done GI JOE, TRANSFORMERS, DOCTOR WHO, and other stuff! |http://youtube.com/brianshearer

- PROFESSIONAL | DIGITAL ARTIST - My works focus mainly in the realm of science fiction; special interest being the cyberpunk genre, robot designs, and character concepts. Working on a comic at some point. I also Remind other artists whose works I enjoy!

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Sometimes love can be so powerful that it destroys the two who try to tame it. https://www.airith.com #comicbook #cyberrock #anime #synthwave

Hey all! Name’s Daniel! I’m an artist who focuses on caricatures! Commissions are open! Range: $75-$150 Twitter, Instagram, Artstation/kofi/Patreon/Fiverr are all @CartYoun!

"THE SKULL EXISTS TO PROTECT YOUR IMAGINATION!" 💀 Hello i like to draw Cool shiiiit and BOOOBIES currently living in the Mexican Underground

Feb 2021
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