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Hi! I'll be posting shota, loli, furry, pretty much whatever I deem cute. Needless to say, this will be NSFW, so view at your own discretion. ^w^ Disclaimer: Unless otherwise noted, I do not own the copyright to any of these images. I share simply for the love of sharing. If you like a particular style, please consider supporting the artists. Thanks!

24 bisexual married women here to spice up my sex life.

Swedish photographer. Political commentator. Reporting on news from Sweden that the MSM does not want you to hear.

I am an Intuitive Artist. What this means is that for my whole life I have been creating artwork from my imagination only using my perception of reality to create my own reality in my art work. I pull inspiration from my heart, soul, higher self, intuition whatever you want to call it. Sometimes I do use reference very lightly to study physics and pinpoint accuracy in my commission work. If I use significant reference I will state so otherwise all artwork is original and mine. I believe that artwork can say things that words may not be able to. Someday I want to create art work that awakes intelligence. I have been searching inside out as a student of the world how to create images that reach inside people. Human connection and intelligence inspires me and drives me to ascend new consciousness. I hope my work can inspire you.

Sep 2019
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