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We are at war with the literal seed of satan and their pet slaves and beasts of the field, who have infested and control every part of national and international authority, finance, news, media, education and even information flow. This new 'vaccine' is a weaponized DNA-altering (and controlling) final solution to their biggest threat and eternal enemy: the true Children of God. Find me at other locations: [email protected] [email protected]

plz subscribe, share and like i am antimuslim, because of pork Love Marvel Arminius the King of Germany is my grandgrand grand...father Remember halleberry I am Loki I am mAd Trump Trump Trump XD### #news

This channel is dedicated to the truth of National Socialism, also to the preservation of the white race and its culture. I am of pure Aryan descent, I love the Fatherland and its people's. I will die before I allow my heritage to be destroyed by the communist agenda of globalization. My goal is to fight for what's left of American National Socialism. We as brothers in NS will prevail in the end never despair, (((THEY))) will never prevail over that which is good, of pure heart, nor the truth of what they've done in the last hundred plus years. STAY STRONG BROTHERS AND SISTERS. 1488 GOTT MIT UNS

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You can find me on Instagram here My ancestors can be traced back to the time of Boudicca and Ragnar. I'm Celtic and Viking. I'm Aussie, but ANGLO-SAXON first and foremost! Occasional bitch. I'm an AUSSIE woman! Not a feminist, but I come from women who are strong in mind and body! Misognists and I don't get on. I'm all about Biopolitics: A political project oriented to a people’s biological and demographic imperatives. It includes family and population policy, restricting types of or all immigration, and addressing issues of public health and genetic well-being. Just joined New website archive in progress... Very slow progress... Essential Viewing Also, worth watching : The following website archives I put together sometime ago. I've learnt more and my conclusions have changed over the years. My views and attitudes have changed over the years. The more I've learned, my thinking has changed. The overall message and motivation however has remained the same. I acknowledge my genetic collective is under attack. I oppose genocide! I oppose the genocide of the "White" race. I oppose anti-White globalists. My people are my responsibility. That is all! You can have free speech as far as I'm concerned, but censorship is completely up to the individual and I reserve my right to block accounts I don't want to associate with! I'm the opposite of a supremacist. I'm a proud separatist. Without your genetic collective, you cease to exist! Love your people! Beliefs are not facts. Genetics can be proven. Race over religion! But, not even one homogeneous race will adhere to one belief or political system. There must be separation between the races and all with opposing views for there to be peace! We must agree to disagree and separate!

 Multiculturalism Is Code For White Genocide Diversity + Proximity = War White Guilt Is A Form Of Thought Control  We Should Never Be Ashamed Of Who We Are And Where We Come From We Must Not Allow The People Who Hate Us To Erase Our History, Vilify Our Ancestors & Dictate The Future Of Our Nations This Is A Call For Our People To Reflect On And To Unashamedly Celebrate The Achievements & Contributions Of Our People This Is Our World Too    

Nov 2019
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