Official MINDS profile of Alex Bloodfire. Author of Brock Steele Sphere and professional hacker.
Follow me for random photos from my travels, memes, infographics and random political thoughts. Free as in speech, not as in beer...
Happy to be retired and living up north. I offer a different view than the MSM reports.
Adult human female. I follow interesting people without being in the least bit interesting myself.
Just a gruff old curmudgeon, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, Recipes, Gaming, Film is a must, advocate for the enlightenment and STEM. Hater of Postmodernist Bullshit Peddlers and other miscreants.
31 years old, married mother of one, living in North-West England. I write under #gmstories and I have a substack: Likes: reading, writing, walks, the outdoors, comedy. Dislikes: authoritarianism, the woke erasure of reality, kids being told they've been "born in the wrong body", English people who say "y'all".
Disaffected former liberal (US sense). Host of the podcast Disaffected (find it wherever you get your podcasts).
Circumgender is VALID
Just arrived. Seeking interesting conversations. Adult Human Female.
Never mind the bollox. I'm a very serious person in real life, but not here.
proud member of the Group Formerly Known As Women (♀️); attorney but not your attorney; feminist
Jan 2021
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