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Visionary Leader | Strategic Thinker | Relationship Builder | Recruiter Sales & Marketing | Problem Solver | Contract Negotiator |Conscious Health Justin Booth is the co-founder of Conscious Media Coalition, strategic partnerships at Collective Evolution, Ambassador for, founder of The Global Unity Project, CEO and founder of and co-founder of Crypto Booth. Justin is a visionary leader, speaker and consultant, collaborating around the world with corporations, small business and entrepreneurs to assist them to “uplevel” their businesses through his extensive global network of resources. With great passion and dedication, he provides guidance in all areas of business consulting, including research and development, marketing, sales, strategic alliances, customer acquisition management, operational efficiency, customer service and will act as a brand ambassador. As a driving force for collective global awareness, Justin also guides others to practices connected to mental and physical health, opening up the doors to optimize your human experience without pain and suffering.

Vision Launch Media
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Vision Launch Media is your gateway into the world of alternative media. We are a curated discovery platform for free-speech and independent thought. Our goal is to help neutralize the corporate media’s dominance over our culture & our nation’s collective consciousness.

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Welcome to the official Minds channel

Lifting The Veil
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Cullen Smith is a published syncretist, symbolist, author, content creator, researcher, videographer, amateur etymologist, comparative mythologist, nutritional health coach & advocate, & much more, focusing primarily on esoteric content, symbolism, language, conspiracy, astrotheology, biology, science, mythology, metaphysics, hermeticism, philosophy, sovereignty & much more. He is the admin & creator of Lifting The Veil.

Collective Evolution
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  • verified_user Collective Evolution is a conscious media and education company focused on helping to shift our world through two key avenues: News Media – reporting on world events through a truly neutral lens, and exploring the role these events play in the evolution of human consciousness. Consciousness Education – Providing viewers with the solutions and tools necessary to build self-awareness, expand consciousness, connect with self and be an integral part of shifting our world. Founded by Joe Martino 2009, CE has grown to become one of the world’s most popular conscious media outlets that provides readers and viewers an opportunity to expand their consciousness, unlock their potential and reshape their everyday way of being. CE’s unique formula merges consciousness and spirituality with all aspects of life and events we experience on a regular basis.

Derrick Broze
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Freelance Investigative Journalist, Activist, Author, Free Human

Feb 2019
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