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http://truththeory.com Truth Theory is a news media publication facilitating the empowerment of humanity using honest, solution-based and thought-provoking ideas Get our free ebook: https://truththeory.org/

Semiprofessional meme (re-) cutter - The Truth will set us free -

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Finding simplicity and mindfulness in our modern lives. Join the community of freethinking individuals centered around exploring all aspects of life. My mission is to bring compassion & personal growth to a million humans. You鈥檒l find posts and quotes about happiness, change, mindfulness, minimalism and more If you鈥檙e searching for best quotation, discover famous deep quotes of all time. Browse collections of inspirational quotes, life quotes and love quotes.

Read the Bible in 100+ Languages with Audio.

EDM producer/songwriter. Space Pop/Future Soul. First single One Tribe available on YouTube.

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Writer, marketer, clown, philosophizer. Memes, art, puns and joke enjoyer. I reMind thinking stuff, silly stuff and pretty stuff. Mental strength, endurance & flexibility is one of my obsessions. Writing is my passion. #writing #memes #nature #art #philosophy

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