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I'm a stock market and crypto trader and investor. I am also the developer and author of Jackrabbit TV, and the Cryptohopper Jackrabbit strategy. You can follow my investing and trading strategies on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/RD3277 I am in the process of migrating all my YouTube videos over to Minds, in the meantime, please be sure to view them here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgPEL4FV6mqrC20ibYQJMBg Be sure to check out The Jackrabbit support server. You can talk to subscribers and even see my update log. https://discord.gg/g93TpbV To buy Jackrabbit merch: https://teespring.com/stores/jackrabbit-tv I donate all my earnings from my patreon account to medical trust for a woman who has Gillian Barre (Fischer's variant) with myopathy, neuropathy, and fibromyalgia to help get medical equipment, medical supplies, and medications her insurance will not pay for. As such, anything donated to these crypto addresses will also go into her medical trust. If you like my work, please consider donating a few coins here and there. Thank you. #Jackrabbit #TradingView
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Admirer of arts. Planning to use this account as a blog for art history (coming soon xD )
forgive me. Aotearoa. Land of the Long White Cloud. NEW ZEALAND!
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Trader and writer. What is on my page? To be perfectly honest it will be mostly about finance, trading and making money along with some wise words (yeah right!). The link to my trading strategy guide is in the page somewhere. I will be writing more in the future. I also have a blog on wordpress that I update almost every day. I am online most days but I do have the odd day where real life gets in the way.
pacstove.com Patio and camp stove multi-purpose. #Industrial-design #interrupt-sourcing method #camping #grilling #madeinusa Minds. Our place for macho mental stuff. Patriot signal boosting. Red pill relay station. *CROWD SOURCE* Help our metrics plz. Google doesn't like small biz or made in USA. It's simple. search pac grill , pac smoker, pacstove grill, pacstove barbeque, and find our website addy down the list. Help us t-bag the algo. Share this link around: www.pacstove.com etc. Thank you for your help. We give back through our Felon to Melon program. Commies and soy lefties are censored and perma banned here. Free speech is only for free people.
Trump = Still my President 🇺🇲 Biden  = Not my Pedophile
Georgist in a progressive world. Liberal in a neo-liberal society. The https://www.politicalcompass.org/ says there are 4 quadrants. Why do we only have 2 and 1/2 parties in 🇺🇸 and why are the two full parties both statist? Some definitions: 🇺🇸 republican=conservative neoliberal 🇺🇸 democrat=liberal neoliberal/progressive 🇺🇸 Libertarians=liberals Progressive=Communist Neoliberal=a progressive that doesnt wanna be a communist. get rich, join coinbase coinbase.com/join/bruno_uri?src=android-link
Vet, former Libertarian.
Nebraska, United States
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Jul 2018
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