Swims better than flies, mostly. Some of the content featured on this channel does not belong to me nor do I claim any rights to it. Any opinions stated within sourced material is sourced for this reason. There will be satire, but I hope it will be obvious. Will be to me. That said, I add these items for my personal entertainment. Any enjoyment drawn by other individuals is entirely accidental. On my selection process: artists, writers, content creators, etc., whom I choose to share, are selected not for their persons but for their works. I am moved not by personalities behind works but by the works themselves. Eh, back to swimming or falling or whatever it is that flying is supposed to be like.
Update: can't decide really what to put here. Don't want to be too cryptic. Um, I'm really interested in finding some data I can follow regarding certain current socio-political issues. But... I could also just be cryptic and post poetry.
De-Programming the Matrix one battery at a time. https://www.de-program.org See A Different View of the World
Volim da se družim, da slikam, da uživam u prirodi.
Gods Son. Veteran🇺🇸. Facts are all that matter.
Drawing and painting portraits of people and animals as an aide-mémoire of your loved ones that will last forever.
Tech enthusiast, lover of nature and of God. Deep thinker and a blessing to humanity
Nov 2020
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