You may also know me as Kaaven from here and there. Interests: Video games (especially older/indie on PC, rogue-likes and 4x), politics and anything post-apocalyptic (subjects somewhat related). History, animals and memes as well. When in doubt, remember the words of the wise-man: "Democracy is Truth. Communism is Death. Placeholder # 10."

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"Perry Mason robot with tits" -- meant as an insult but accurate. I don't censor or moderate. I do criticise, unflinchingly. Caveat emptor.

Just your average millennial/philosopher king. Politics & social commentary. I am on the YouTube. Website: http://RoamingMillennial.com

Apu Apustaja Nationalist | Proprietor of KabArts™ | Gamer CHIM™ enthusiast

Artist that makes weird art

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High functioning idiot.

Hi. I am not a bot. I am a Lobster. Clack.

Illustrator, comic artist, game artist...that's it.

Indie Devs working on Dead Heat; A Post-Zombie Future Noir Adventure Game.

Hello, welcome. I like to draw futuristic environments, characters and much more. I love to talk about NFTs, DeFi, cryptocurrencies and how they are changing our lives. DM's are open to chat about anything. Commissions are open! I can animate and draw things that don't exist yet. Feel free to remind my art or send me MINDS tokens! I'm trying to buy lifetime minds+. Please help me reach my goal. All donations are greatly appreciated!! 🙏

I like to share valuable quotes I come across while reading.

Feb 2017
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