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馃帹 Freelance Concept artist / Illustrator. Fantasy, Scifi, horror genres and more. Character designs and Book covers. Enjoyer of human arts and story telling. Coffee and good food appreciator

Greetings, and well met! I'm a metaphysician, an astrophysics buff an experimental alchemist, an earthquake forecaster, life coach for mainly occultists, a video blog political and spiritual commentator, a follower of the Left Hand Path, an agnostic magick user, I have studied the occult and phycology since age 11. I'm an avid gamer currently streaming from Xbox one COD Warzone on Twitch, I have a YouTube under this profile name and I'm Zorastar on Bitchute. I have two Facebook profiles, Joesef Franklin Walker (Zorastar) and Joe Walker. I'm from Rogers, Arkansas.... Wal-Mart HQ land. Same house my whole life. I've traveled to Virginia and Washington DC on the east coast and have been To the west cost of Southern California. I like the painted desert most of all landscapes, but would never give up my Ozark mountains, woods and waterways. I like to network people on social media into my 12 groups that I have created on Facebook and I manage several pages there. I have a Twitter: @joequakewatch. Welcome to my Minds page. I hope you find something you enjoy. Blessed Be brothers and sisters. Eyes open, no fear. ~Zorastar~

I've worked in early high tech; studied genetics, computers, medicine, etc. I had a documented IQ of 134 at the age of thirteen, so I'm a space shot. I have a degree in psychology with a minor in English. I was well-trained in writing by a few terrific mentors. My children, my body, and my life have all been destroyed by vaccines. I have been an investigator and researcher all my life

Artist. Astrologer. Tarot and Elder Futhark Rune reader. Leatherworker. Love growing food, learning about growing medicine, and taking steps towards self sufficiency and self responsibility.

Aug 2018
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