Cheers. My Music : https://soundcloud.com/holoeye Twitter: yosoy_yorick IG: yosoy_yorick
Bill Ottman
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Sharing music from around the world!

▢▣ New ways of electronic music. Building and merging audio, code and visuals. Projects include electronic music coded from the ground up, programs built to create audio and video, Fang Synth, Dragon Drum Machine, Munagi series, and Wiisp Synth ◎ □ Tucson AZ USA ○

ad astra per aspera 💜 👽👽👽👽👽 Japan enthusiast 👽👽👽👽👽 I like Celts 👽👽👽👽👽 I don't own any content i post here

Hi everyone, My friends call me CeeDee and I'm a song writer. audio engineer and a performer. I love everything to do with original content especially music . I Love conversations on matters of life and as well love adventuring the world for new addictions.

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Making music is what I love. I spend a lot of time on observing which I then transform into sound. My creations are #ambient #atmospheric #soundscapes with #drone elements. > listen: http://dontoverthink.life don't be afraid · make choices · be present · r e c o n n e c t

Musicology student at The University of Bristol '22. I am starting the slow transition away from mainstream social-media platforms, so here we go!

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Life becomes meaningful when we all begin to see meaning in it and why we are living, a dollar is not all that matters... The favors we do will always hunt us, so what are your favors??

Weirdo from F!nland Metamask: 0x24432C547F0B3A51F60b023dE9A5f8d275514Af1

Just A Long Haired Hippie Rebel, I am only a Messenger here to share ❤ Peace & Love ❤, One Love ❤ ~ Rebel

Mar 2017
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