williamblakemusic. William Blake is a singer-songwriter with a blues,southern rock background from Tennessee, performing a variety of genres taking the San Diego music scene to new levels. His “All or nothing” style leaves listeners breathless and wanting more, and his lyrics will reach you as he takes you along his journey utilizing a Bob Dylan –esque approach to songwriting with a grit that transports you to the soul of the matter.. He summons his folk/southern rock roots. Being raised in a musical home, he draws on this experience and his bloodline with influences such as Jon Bon Jovi, and Janis Joplin and Creedence Clearwater Revival or as current as Passenger and Shinedown. Performing in church and school choirs as well as family gigs, he now pursues music with abandon playing in coffee shops , local venues , and bars but he just wont stop there! His passion urges him to play wherever a listening ear might be , overflowing into the street for tips or on his front doorstep crooning his pain or victories for anyone who might relate that has thirsty ears…He plans to use every fiber in his being to bring his lyrics to every heart and like a catalyst to society his words will never leave your mind.
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Evolution Artist | Modern Music Producer | WEB3/FOSS Enthusiast
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Bad mamma jamma. I blaze my own trail. I'm a four time national wrestling champion. I wasn't always that good, but with tons of hard work, many tears, and the fact that I never gave up, I'm still here kickin it and taking names. They call me The Truth because Just like George Washington. I don't lie. It's not worth it. Every time I tell you something, I don't have to remember what i told you because i tell you the real story. Just a yankee living in the South, not quite fitting in, but I like it better like that.
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