Way of the World
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Anti JEW, anti Communist, anti Marxist, anti Zionist, anti Islam, anti death for unborn children, anti open borders, anti diversity, anti homosexual, anti transgender, anti race mixing, anti globalist, anti New World Order. Pro Christian, Pro Life, Pro White, Pro Family, Pro America. Got a problem? YOU ARE THE PROBLEM!

I really need shape up my Minds - I like this place even if it’s very different and appreciate all help by people here. I’ll use Minds more regularly and clean up here. (soon) I’m a Christian the north of Sweden ✞ https://t.me/dufrianord

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Freelance Artist #WWG1WGA

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Come to my channel if you wanna have fun and at the same time you wanna know more about mystery, fact and history... And also what is going on in the globe.. Just hit the subscribe button 👆, I promise it'll be fun and fine. Thanks for coming to my channel 👍.. Take your time to explore my channel.. Love you all 💕.

A scourge to communists, scallywags, hipsters and feminists, Silas Reynolds calls anywhere south of the Potomac his home. He has a penchant for muscle cars, firearms and 80’s action movies. Check out our website: identitydixie.com.

Here you will read the latest in ancient history,ufo,news,nature,scince and much much moore

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Aug 2017
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