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Veni, vidi, vent - Zero

UberNimrodDec 26, 2018, 2:04:10 AM

Veni, vidi, vent.

I came, I saw, I complained.

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If you’ve read the bio on my channel, it says that I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science. For those of you under the age of 30 reading this, that means I spent considerable time learning various programming languages. I learned some Basic in high school, then expanded into Pascal, COBOL and C in college.

Having been a truck driver for almost 20 years now, I have of course forgotten how to do all of that. At least in those languages, which I am sad to say is no great loss. I hope that COBOL has gone the way of the mainframes that used to run it, and Pascal is nothing but a curiosity in colleges from what I have heard. I’d have to learn new programming languages to keep up with the times.

But the reason for this being the zeroth blog post is that I am doing as any computer programmer would do when writing a program: Define all of the variables first and initialize them. In this case, it means I am going to define what I am going to ramble on about in this blog.

So let’s start with the 6 R’s. Because you thought there were only 3.


1. Reading.

I used to do an awful lot of this back before the Internet. I still do quite a bit though, mostly reading stories on fanfictionDOTnet, AO3, and several other sites. I’d do even more reading if the CD player in my truck worked properly. I have several sets of audiobooks I want to listen to. As it is, I have quite a few books that I have yet to get to.

My tastes in Fiction are rather broad. I have enjoyed a good Mystery, as well as several Westerns. But most of my collection is Fantasy, with some Science Fiction thrown in as well as I have always wished I could visit Space.

Or at least get off this planet anyway.

I also have quite a collection of manga that I want to read and anime that I want to watch or watch again. It is the main source of my...

2. ‘Riting.

I write, or more accurately, I try to write. I’ve posted on here about my works on fanfictionDOTnet, incidentally under the name UberNimrod. I am thinking of moving two of my works onto AO3, if only because they are not as restrictive about Mature themes as FFnet.

For the curious, I have been trying to write more about Corruption. No, I don’t mean Political Corruption or something similar. I mean how a mind can become twisted from Good to Evil. ‘Batman: The Killing Joke’ has been one of my favorite stories for ages, and thanks to the Internet, I can now explore Corruption across more stories and fanfiction than I could hope to read.

“All it takes is one bad day to reduce the sanest man alive to lunacy. That’s how far the world is from where I am. Just one bad day.” Which technically, isn’t true. More like one bad moment. After all, the Joker went insane after being dropped into the vat of chemicals. A few authors, and entirely too many fanfiction writers, have suggested that the chemical bath itself somehow addles the mind and causes insanity.

Another theme that interests me is Hypnosis or Mind Control. Compelling someone to do something they would not ordinarily do, or would even never do if they were themselves, has also been touched at in a couple of my stories. The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive may have been the first repository of such stories I found here on the Internet, but there are quite a few other stories in that vein if you know where to look.

Like I said, I am still trying to write. For the moment though my Muse has wandered off. That is the main reason I want to work on this Blog. I am hoping that the exercise of Writing will help restart my creative juices. It is just hard to sit and write after a long day of...

3. Roamin’.

My job description in a nutshell. Today I drove from Alma TX to Topeka KS so I could be in position to deliver bananas tomorrow morning. I don’t usually drive on Christmas, but this one is an exception.

I make around $48k/year driving a semi. Wish I made more, but right now I am content to make what I am making. My bills are getting paid, slowly but surely, and I still have enough money to splurge on Steam or Half Price Books every so often.

Just don’t be surprised to see stories from the road on here. Otherwise I might bore you with stories of...

4. RPing.

I used to play a lot of role-playing games when I was younger. I’ve ran quite a few also. I have too many RPG books that cross too many systems. Between regular books and RPG books, I am really short on shelf space. It’s so bad that I have three documents on Google Docs that have all of my RPG books, regular and audio books, and my manga and anime sorted. Even then I really need to sort out the books and audio books better as they are not in order.

I don’t do as much pen-and-paper RP any more. Driving takes up too much time and energy. Trust me, dodging people is a daily challange. Instead I play computer games to unwind. Uncharted Waters Online is my current distraction from Reality, and looks to be so for the time being. It is a good game if you want something that you won’t finish quickly, and is free to play. It has even returned to Steam after switching hosting providers.

I also play several other games, mostly on Steam. I keep meaning to get into H-games, but I suspect that if I found a reliable source for those, no one would ever see me again. But I might be convince to do a Let’s Play or...

5. Reviewing.

I might do some of this here. Mostly comments on games, books, RPG systems or whatever pops into my mind. But I suspect that I will mostly be…

6. Ranting.

As if anyone is surprised at this. I do plenty of that now here on Minds. I intend to continue that tradition into the new year.


Hopefully this will interest a few people. We shall see. I still need an artist for the banner though. I found a nice pirate ship picture for the banner, but it isn't mine by any stretch of the imagination.

I need to find an old copy of MS Paint. I could at least get that to work for me.  I do have some artwork I paid for, but trying to make it work as a banner is impossible at the moment.