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Spiritual warrior, artist, truthseeker, lucid Dreamer, climate change is a hoax, we didn't go to the moon, evolution is only a theory, the big bang is only a theory, vaccinations are poison we do not live on a spinning ball the earth is flat, I believe God is the intelligent disiginer and that consciousness is eternal . Hope has two children, the first is anger at the way things are, the second is courage to do something about it " St Augustine.
Been on this planet well past a half century. 1st Cav 9th BGD [FT] "Death From Above" 💀 Army Air Corp "Air Mobile Handle" Dagger-21" I Follow All (((Patriots))) & here to share and Red Pill All Who Need ((Real Time)) QAnon Updates I've subbed those that made me smile, or made this platform worth coming back to. Again, It's That Important ((I)) Follow All Patriots & Hope You Do The Same. This Is More Than A Principle, It's About 💙 Love Of God, Family, Country & Tradition "I'm Only Here For A Minute" So Be Quick 😏 #WWG1WGA #QAnon #QArmy #KAG2020 #TheGreatAwakening 🐸 My original page title is 1st Cav 9th BGD "Air Mobil" Bravo3XRay.
A Proud Pole, A Proud Slav. History is my passion
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embrace the suck.
Apr 2018
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