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African Fashion is the New Trend

TomBartholomewsNov 19, 2018, 9:15:26 PM

If you are a fashion enthusiast then you should have observed that African fashion is quite relevant since 2011. In your everyday life, you may have noticed that the influence of African fashion has spread its reach. Hence, there are a lot of stores that have been exclusive on making clothes that are inspired from African traditional clothing like the Chiefs-wear. If you know more about how African fashion has been getting the limelight then this article is helpful for you.

I think the most important factor in catapulting the exposure of African clothing is its avid following in social media. Social media has a played a role in increasing the long tail of African fashion by making it easy for it to be shared to people. Hence, even those who are not interested can still see the shared images by simply scrolling in their feed.

The second main source of exposure is the celebrities. A few celebrities have been spotted wearing African traditional clothing like Chris Brown and Beyonce. And as we all know, what the celebrities don and wear, the public will soon follow. 

Thirdly, there has been an increase in political consciousness particularly in issues regarding the black people so naturally interest in their culture followed suit. Fashion and style of clothing is a big part of that interest in culture.

It is now seen fashionable to wear such pieces so the more the people were being exposed, the more they started to wear African inspired clothes. Because people have seen a lot of their peers wearing these kind of clothes, they also followed suit. In addition, word-of-mouth has become a great tool in this trend too.

Nollywood is also becoming a scene stealer in our everyday lives which means we see African fashion more and more. The growth of the African fashion division is also catapulted in short movie clips being featured in youtube.

Western fashion is a key player in changing the game of fashion trends and as such the incorporation of African clothing in some fashion runway projects have catapulted its rise to stardom. You could hardly see a runway model strutting on the aisle without seeing some African influence in her dress.

The rise of African art has also lead people to have an increased interest in African fashion. Branches of art are very much interlinked so it was such a no-brainer when the fashion scene was explored after the rise of African art took place. Visit https://chiefswear.com for more insights.

With all of these factors put up together, it can only be just that African fashion is the newest hit in the fashion industry.

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