🖤💜 Truth 💙💚 inspiration 💛🧡 FÜN ❤️🤍 𓋹 Self-Mastery • SOÜL INSIGHT • Well-Being 𓍰 Welcome to heart-to-heart conversations between perceptive friends and conscious co-creators! 𓂀 This is where we raise consciousness, one Mind at a time 💖 Who am I? • Founder of FLOVE • Speaker/Trainer & Well-Being Mentor • Feelinguist, Emotiologist, Enchanter Mission: Passionate about positively affecting everyone who comes into contact with me - preferably leaving you in a higher and more feel-good state than ever before! I am here to help you create a stable foundation for lasting and ever-increasing joyful living. My specialties are relationships and emotional mastery. I am another version of You. You are another version of me. To me, we are divine creators with "inner" beings, soüls => a High(er) Self. Thank you for being your trüe Self. I truly appreciate you being You. I'm profoundly and deeply happy to be this unique expression of our collective Source energy. We are kindred spirits, exploring and co-creating here in this Earthly dimension. I respect your space, and I respect our space. Let's have fun with moving this collective vibe, brothers, sisters, and what-not'ers 🌬️💞 Enjoy the ride 🙏🏼🌌✨💫🌟 Theo Flove resonating from Oslo, Norway
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