"In the darkest of evening night, there shines the brightest light. Uses the darkness to protect himself when weak, his light burns the brightest when his soul reaches it's peak." Hobbies: Anime, Video Games, Comic Books, Manga, Graphic Novels, Sci-Fi Roleplay, Drawing and Modding. First Bitchute Account: Second Bitchute Account: Lbry Account: DTube Account:!/c/thewhitephoenix DLive Account: Youtube Account (obsolete, will not upload there until Google is broken up and UMG is put out of business):
Daniel P. Szczuka
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Constructor - Musician - Objectivist - and much more for you to find out!

I'm a little shy, and it's a big place. Still trying to find my way around here. Always happy to meet new friends! ... What are the Shades of Flame? Ever hear of, "negative space"? In art: the space around and between the subject(s), imperceptibly defining. In photography: an image's "negative," wherein lights become darks and the shades are revealed. In music: space between notes or phrases giving them life and character. In life: subtle, background things; unnoticed around what we perceive as life, but that give it meaning and fluidity. In darkness we perceive light; in silence, sounds; in the pause, living. The shades make the flames come alive, which is where they are most beautiful. The magic happens in the shades. And me? A bit eclectic. A bit random. A little of a lot of things. I often see things a bit differently. I guess we'll see, hmm?

Spiritual Gothic guy/husband from Finland. I really don't like violence, may it be physical or emotional. I love to consume art, games, music, books and conspiracy theories. I'm an advocate for free speech. My favorite entertainment is lore deep universes with twist of something supernatural. Favorites are: Star Wars Legends, Halo, Conan, Lovecraft and Lord of the Rings.

Hais! I'm a Nintendo loving Otaku. A Conservative, Anarcho-Capitalist Libertarian. Very Anti-Censorship. I'm shy and a bit awkward but friendly. A flawed but gud Christian boi. UwU Don't step on snek. #MAGA #superstraight and proud 馃槑 猬涴煙

Qui troverete alcune delle migliori idee per piatti diversi dal solito. Se vi iscrivete e/o lasciate like, io ricambier貌!! Buona visione :)

Trust in Bitcoin
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Not Your Keys, Not Your Bitcoin. Your Keys, Your Bitcoin. Trust only

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Built with passion for adventure. 鈾

Sep 2016
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