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Hello friends!! I am Nirupam Bhattacharya or 鈥渘irbhaya鈥 - an Art, Travel, Food & Photography enthusiast. If you are reading this then you are keen to know about me. Then, let鈥檚 get acquainted!! Having 鈥渟old my soul鈥 as a corporate slave since 2004 I have started to feel like I have already wasted the best years of my life behind a desk working day and night to fulfill someone else鈥檚 passions and dreams. There had to be more to life than this! So, at last I am preparing myself to work towards realizing my passion and dreams. Do check my travel blog -

I'm a crypto enthusiast, a musician and a nature lover.馃挌SUBSCRIBE @Jamsterstruk馃挌SUBSCRIBE @Jamsterstruk馃挌SUBSCRIBE @Jamsterstruk馃挌

American and World News
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Hello friends, my channel will present American news and also world news !!!!

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