Connecting Science and Tech with ancient wisdoms from history, tradition, the Bible and God.
To your computer, you are a God. The computer’s raw data goes through buffering. It never sees the raw data from the world. Are there parallels in how a computer sees you, its’ owner and creator? How we humans see our creator and God? Your computer is truly amazing - but these days your computer is blind. You are equally amazing - however did you know you are limited in what you can see? Has science transcoded, compressed and buffered your view of the world? Has science blinded you? Bishop Baron - "the young are caught in a buffered Zone and have lost their connection to the transcendent - their connection to God". The computer never 'sees' the raw data anymore. Its access to the real world has been transcoded, compressed and buffered. It only sees reflections of the real world - ghosts of what is really out there. If you were a program in your computer, the evidence you would see of the humans that owned and created you would sure look like a God. Are you blind like your computer?
Jesus of Nazareth was crucified 2000 years ago, innocent of any crime, he was executed for political reasons. His teachings have resonated all over the world. Many believe that his sacrifice was they key to life after death. This sacrifice was not a quick death, not a relatively pain-less death - but the most painful death possible at the hands of the Exactor Mortis. If you believe Jesus was simply a historical human, then his sacrifice was extraordinary. Let me put that fully - His sacrifice was extra ordinary. Jesus, his teachings and later his terrible death has benefited all of humanity. However, if you believe Jesus was the messiah, then his sacrifice was absolutely unbelievable and driven by his love for us - A transcendent and miraculous sacrifice from none other than the son of God. Jesus died a long time ago – for you. #Gratitude #Gravitas #easter #lent #jesus
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