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Unscrewed Minds: June

TheGarbageManJul 1, 2018, 3:27:21 AM

Unscrewed Minds is the monthly look-on-back for me, your glorious @TheGarbageMan. And, because I am so glorious, I always allow you all to peer in and see the hotness that was the previous month. Let’s get into it with June!

Holy shit was this month on fire! From huge development towards peace and non-stop winning, to getting in on some hot gameplay and Q drops, THIS TRAIN DOESN’T STOP!!!

Daddy Delivers

Say what you want about Trump... Actually, no, fuck that. Shut the fuck up and address the man with respect. He’s been working his ass off, of which is growing less thicc by the day, and delivering on everything from peace on the Korean peninsula to creating a motherfucking Space Force!

Going straight from telling the EU and Canada to fuck off with their trade tariffs on American goods, Papa Trump zoomed across to Singapore to become the first president to meet and greet the God-Emperor from another mother, Kim Jung-Un.

It was glorious. You had Dennis Rodman crying on TV, talking about how Trump listened to him and did him a solid by going forward. Man, it gave me chills of endorphin dumps in my spinal column, as if I had just started to feel the effects of a triple-stack of E.

The Department of Homeland Security also issued a 14 word title that triggered the fuck out some twatters just because we must secure the existence for our people and a future for white children. People are so weird these days.

June was capped off with an announced Russian summit and the retirement of Justice Kennedy from the Supreme Court. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Are you tired of winning yet? Too fucking bad! We aren’t even halfway done to being halfway done!

I almost got tired of winning, once. Once.

Vietnamese Invasion

So we seem to have a lot more active users from the city of Ho Chi Men and other exotic locales of Vietnam. They seem to think that there is some sort of worth to the Minds’ Token.

I’m not going to tell them, are you?

Anywho, I for one would like to welcome our new Vietnamese Token Gods. They seem pretty informed, they are against Chinese expansion into their businesses and lands, and they know about the JQ, so hey, WWG1WGA and all that noise.

But it seems they may not be here for long. A Minds Vietnamese version is in the works (I didn’t know there was language versions of Minds?). So we may have to say DIDDY MAO to our friends from the East soon. Please take John McCain back with you, thanks.

A gift from the Curator.

The Greatest Ongoing Shitstorm of Our Time.

Speaking about WWG1WGA, there has been a flood of both (possibly) real Q-Anon drops, mixed in the obvious autism that is the random bulletin boards.

The opposition is clear on being just that, opposition. Time and time again, we know the only way forward is to swell our ranks, to allow the mis- and ill-informed to learn, to listen. Slowly, constantly, and, most important, patiently.

We are constantly barraged with blatantly false disinformation, to the point of it becoming blatantly pathetic. I wish I could ignore it, and I do, mostly. 

Some just need to be mocked, such as the Time magazine cancerous cover. 

So as the MSM continues its death spiral, remember that every overblown headline, every minuet point brought up by them, any calls to morality, decency, and human dignity, is a lie to keep us distracted from their very dismantling. 

The MSM have proven to be unworthy gatekeepers, unfit for bringing us even feel-good articles about the new litter of kittens rescued from a well.

Just remember back when you were unaware of even the JQ. I was at one point. I owe much of my ascension from soft pills, such as Murdoch Murdoch and Ron Paul (He was the most gentle).

So go easy on the new guys. Correct their misguided statements, and allow them to join us. There is room for everyone that has the initiative and the intelligence to understand and to act.

Or keep being an asshole, I don’t care. 

I’m not your dad, I just fuck your mom.

Either the greatest LARPer ever, or the greatest shitposter ever.

E3 2018

This wouldn’t be a Garbage Man article without some self-shilling, of which I am the best at. So E3 was this year, and, I’ll admit it, I love it. Every year we get to see new titles announced with spectacular displays and allow everyone to get a glimpse on all the upcoming gaming experiences.

I did 5 daily videos during the course of the event, not realizing when I started that the first three days were just conference announcements, followed by Nintendo’s conference and the opening of the convention floor to journalist and gamers alike for the next few days. It must of smelt of amateur desperation along with the fresh mist of Code Red Mountain Dew. I’m sure it was glorious.

We also had quite a bit of coverage from other gaming Minds channels as well. From @Uberaids’ roundup , to @AaronGG’s Bethesda conference report  and @BradStephenson’s update on E3 drops, everyone got in on the fun, hype, and disappointment that is the annual E3 for 2018! 

I stole Anthony Bourdain's press pass, if you didn't get the joke.

Some Quickies:

Cheese’s Garbage Man Tales. Well, it was a good run. I don’t think he’ll make any more because, well, he’s not very creative. Come back with some new material, @SpaceMarine!

@CryptoDeaf was @shitpostingtimetraveller. Always supportive of your Garbage Man, CryptoDeaf unleashed his new, updated channel this month. Check him out in his quest to inform us dirty "hearies" and deaf brethren alike of the miscommunications and innovations within the deaf community. Don't be afraid to yell.

@Mitsota101's licensed games month was cool as fuck, with reviews on some of the most underplayed games of all time. Some surprises, some duds, but it was all good.

@MindsGaming also had a collaborative drop, inviting all Minds’ gamers to write a blog about why they game. Go take a look, maybe even make a blog yourself?

How was your June? Hot like the South, or chill like the North? Let me know in the comment! Until next month, keep those minds from getting fucked!