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Unscrewed Minds: August

TheGarbageManAug 31, 2018, 5:02:46 PM

Would you believe it if I told you that August is now over and we can move on into September? I wouldn’t. I’d tell myself to fuck right the fuck off. But I’m not talking to me, I’m talking to I. And who said that the months have to make sense or that they have to have some overarching goal?

It's time for a raving lunatic to go on and on in a monthly blog series that makes the ladies wet and the dudes check if they’re gay.

It’s time for Unscrewed Minds.

Reviewed and Refuted

I took a break from the review scene for the month, but other Minds creators are making that grade and taking the heat!

We had UberAids thoroughly review Bloody Roar and it’s aptly named sequel, Bloody Roar 2

Outlines also reviewed two darker graphic novels, one for Batman, and then the original comic, Bullet to the Head.

And in the drama department, The Quartering found himself targeted by none other than Angry motherfucking Joe, something that came out of left field, pun totally intended. The Quartering didn’t take it lying down though, oh fuck no. He struck back and made Angry Joe lash out almost immediately. 

The Quartering stood up for all of us deplorable gamers and the gaming community is stronger from the Quartering's actions. I salute you.


Censor Bait

Alex Jones finally got what his titles have always promised: He got kicked off of Youtube and some other social diarrhea platforms. I thought it had happened to him years ago, listening to the way he talks. But still, it's what he’s always wanted.

Now he can answer with 1776, right? No, not yet. Instead of pushing into free speech frontiers, he’d rather push his app, of which remains available. Wow, I guess there are some standards of free speech still left. Mostly those that have to do with money.

But when it comes to Patrick Little’s gab ribbits or whatever the fuck they call their posts over there, no one wants to talk about that. No one wanted to talk about how Patrick Little gracefully removed his posts because Microsoft was going to strong-arm Torba into deleting them or losing a host.

Now who in the fuck made Microsoft the content police of the internet? Man, I sure hope no one finds this place and tells Amazon about some of the stuff I post, fuck…

It’s all smoke and mirrors, meant to either distract or push forward another agenda, such as government controlled social media, which sounds just fucking lovely. I mean, it basically is right now anyways, but at least Torba is buying some servers.

"Shut it down!!!" -The Rabbi

Pennies on the Token

The Tokens got released on to the Ethereum emporium this month. A magical place that’ll will turn your cat pictures and pornographic gifs into real money! 

It’s totally not complicated, and even if it is, we’re talking about Tokens being worth real fucking money here. This is a game changer. I can retire from whatever it is that I do and survive solely off of #MAGA memes and gameplay videos. The future is Zoomer, old man.

While I wish it all the luck, I really don’t know how it’s going to be viable moving forward. I mean, I do okay on Tokens, but I can see how bots and gaming can manipulate the market, similar to the problems Steemit finds itself in. Also similar in how few markets will pick it up. But if and when they do, sell, sell, motherfucking sell.

And I’m not saying that Tokens crashed the Ethereum market, but Tokens totally crashed the Ethereum market.

I'll let you guess the date Tokens were released.

Government Cheese

Politicalizational-wise, it was just your usual month of wins; From Trump calling out the SA genocide, to No-Name dying, it was fun.

It's interesting how twitter twats were trying to apologize/excuse the mass targeting and killing of whites in South Africa and how land-grabbing was a fine and dandy thing to do people based exclusively on the color of their skin. Nothing racist about that, not like were talking about incest-forcing, people-eating Rwandans or anything.

And finally, this guy that used to be a senator or something died. It was sad? No, that's not the right emotion. Funny? Yeah, that's it, it was kind of funny.

May your memory be tarnished forever.


As for me, I was just chilling, playing No Man’s Sky NEXT with the Curator. That review will be dropping soon, but until then, catch up on the Curator’s streams and rebroadcasts here, and catch my streams here and the uploads here.

Dalma eclipsed and his true purpose has been revealed.

Mr Bond dropped some fresh new tracks.

Drakovor also made some new music and a new series of Drakovorian Rants with probably the coolest theme song ever.

ME2007Vigil made a who’s who of Minds list, starting with authors, of which your Garbage Man made the grade. Some real heavy hitters up there, too. Check them all out and read the future fiction writers of tomorrow, today!

How was your August? Was it awesome like mine, or did it suck like everyone else's? Let me know in the comments! 

Until the end of September, keep those eyes peeped!