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Married to Sam. Cajun I have a low kinda little boys raspy southern accent voice. I get lots of complaints or they just being nice. I also speak Cajun French. I live on an Island in the swamps of Louisiana. I’m a Momma to 2 grown kids. I’m a MaMa to 2 small babies, my Daughter’s babies. My hobbies is reading about true crimes, horror, mysterious happenings and Cooking. Love cooking Cajun & Asian foods the most.

Investor, Trader, scientist. Self Made. Happy to share some of my secrets. Some of those secrets can be unlocked with Minds token. You'll understand when you unlock. It's worth a lot. Investing or health content that is life changing. I'm one of a few in the world with a track record of predicting events on record. I connect dots and predicted events like Brexit and Trump winning,the fall of Europe, the end of global warming, north Korea peace, the rise in alternative medicine, the rise in clean food demand... 20 years of research in psychology, economy, history, sociology, mythology, biology, science... Obviously Aspergers. Like Michael Bury in the big short. We both have a passion for health and finance.

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Sep 2017
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