I am an independent amateur maker type who likes technology, making electronic things, collecting processors and other kinds of integrated circuits, drawing and collecting pictures of chips, railfanning, listening to good music and watching YouTube videos, much of which deal with technology and the sciences. Although I'm not much of a gamer, I do have some interest in video games and gaming computer technologies. Specifically, I am mainly into the soundtracks and artwork from various popular video games, especially RPGs and JRPGs. I do also have some interest in anime, mostly for the artworks. I do not prefer to dabble much in politics, though I guess you could describe me as a slightly "radical" moderate and very independent. I don't care at all for tribalism or tribalistic behavior and I am apt to be deeply critical of political parties and fanboys of all sorts and stripes. I strongly dislike Nazis and so-called "white nationalists" as well as the KKK and other known hate/terrorist groups. I view these as being unreasonable and stupid. I feel there is no way in which to "educate" people like that or to talk to them. I form my own opinions regarding conspiracy theories, mostly disapproval of those who perpetuate such stupid lies and disinformation. I also harbor a similar disdain for established religions and I am non-religious, though I DO NOT prefer to use the term "atheist" to describe my irreligiousity. I don't particularly care for proselytizers and don't appreciate being described as "heathen" or "unfaithful" by them, nor do I take kindly to their insistence that I'm "going to Hell" if I don't "repent". I am equally deeply critical of business, especially multi-trillion-dollar sized business that seeks to maximize profit at the expense of the customer's experiences. I HATE companies that think it's okay to spy on the individual and steal their data to re-sell to third- and fourth-party companies and advertising firms who then use that ill-gotten data to push targeted ads at the users of online services. I am NOT against people earning money in order to pay for their essential needs, but corporatists ought to be held accountable for their misdeeds every chance that arises and if they do not abide by the law, should be punished and made to conform with whatever force is deemed necessary, even if it results in them going swiftly out of business. Small family- and individual-owned businesses are good, big corporate giants are BAD. I believe in individual responsibility and accountability and I believe the status quo in life at the present is unsustainable.
Rhea Dono
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I post anime lewds (big tiddies, gentle femdom). Artworks featured here are slightly edited to my own taste (watermarks removed, colors enhanced, etc.) I post my own doodles and drawings in this group: Follow me on Hive Twitter:

Aspiring writer of Fantasy Fiction. My novella is coming out in late 2021 / early 2022.

🌞ʜɪɢʜ ᴠɪʙʀᴀᴛɪᴏɴᴀʟ ʟɪfᴇsᴛʏʟᴇ🙏🏽 5ɢ ᴘʀᴏᴛᴇᴄᴛɪᴏɴ & sᴜᴘᴘʟᴇᴍᴇɴᴛᴀᴛɪᴏɴ📵😌 ᴋɴᴏᴡʟᴇᴅɢᴇ📖 ᴄᴇʟʟ ʀᴇᴘᴀɪr🌎☄️ ʀᴇɪᴋɪ👽 sᴄᴀʟᴀʀ ᴡᴀᴠᴇs fᴏʀ sᴛʀᴜᴄᴛᴜʀᴇᴅ ᴡᴀᴛᴇʀ🌀❄️ 🄿🄻🄰🄽🅃 🅃🄴🄰🄲🄷🄴🅁🅂

Patriot Baker Compiler Great Awakening Father Husband Veteran

Weirdo from F!nland Metamask: 0x24432C547F0B3A51F60b023dE9A5f8d275514Af1

Heriberto Fernandez
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I am a 25 year old revolutionest. My current passion is researching agroecology vs our conventional farming system. Taxes are avoidable, humans are free, and our bullshit system will fail. Hells ya :)

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I am a professional spray painter that worked for Cessna Aircraft in Wichita, Kansas from 1980-1986 was laid off and went to work for Boeing in April 1986 which is now called SpiritAerosystems in Wichita,Kansas. I am currently employed there and have 35 years of aircraft experience. I seek no fame or fortune, I’m just the average guy that’s trying to make an honest living and provide for my family.

I love Orgasmic Experiences, I can easily die of boredom. I can't handle normose infected people. Music, Aircraft's, Bikes, Computers, Mechanical Clocks, Electronics all that things and stuff...

Fast Track Soul Those that have taken a fast track awakening have literally transformed 180 degrees in the last five years. These are the people who were literally “asleep” and all of the sudden had a huge awakening that something was very wrong in their lives and there was an urgency to find out what it was. This led to dedicating most of their time into research while following thread after thread in order to find out the truth of who they are and why they are here. Round and round I go when will We Stop who knows Circles all I know so CALM I SHALL SHOW LIKE A DROP IN THE OCEAN I FLOW Creating & Vibrating as i Go.

"Who needs the moon, when we've got the stars...." You and I probably don't share the same politics (I'm a free thinker and do not fall into any classification) but I'm sure that we can find interesting things to discuss. I would rather focus on what brings us closer together than what divides us. I enjoy knowledge for its own sake, not to forward ANY agenda, and not to manipulate others. If I share something, it is out of caring. I'm not into propaganda (of any side) or hatred (of any group)! I'm not into blanket condemnations. (for example, a statement like "mainstream media is all lies". Mainstream media hardly ever gets things right, and they are often used to spread disinformation, but blanket denials are dangerous, they give the brain the wrong message and teach the brain bad habits. INFORMATION should be examined and judged on its own. And, if a person doesn't watch mainstream media, why would said person talk about it all of the time? This habit demonstrates a lack of wisdom. Any human being who wants to make a difference in their own lives or the world should focus on what they DO have power to change. While you are focusing on things you have no power over, it might make the ego feel powerful, and it might bring you closer to your own mob of believers (your brand of sheeple), but it robs the being of any real power, and therein lies no real unity. Want to begin to approach freedom? Learn to mindwash the brain. The brain has been programmed from birth, and I venture to say that most of its programs were not written by you! *I'm a student of natural, evidence-based medicine* *I'm small business owner/entrepreneur* *I'm a student of exercise, fitness, and longevity* *I'm a reluctant writer/author* #all Account created on: Jun 19, 2015

Sep 2016
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