A Vibratory Spirit, attempting to sound the call to Harmony. DISCLAIMER- We do not censor or demean any information, from Flat Earth Theory to Vaccine Caused Autism. If you do not agree with these policies feel free to debate us. There is a clear measure of wisdom in one who would listen to their brethren and truly hear them. - Don't let your mind become a sewer, lest your thoughts become no better than another persons waste. "The Truth is like a Lion. You don't need to defend it. Let it loose, it will defend itself." Find updates on Science & Tech, World News & Politics, Finance & Business, Cryptocurrencies & Precious Metals, Alternative Opinion, Esoteric Information, Holistic Living, Civil Alerts and much more. Please subscribe/upvote/remind!:) This channel supports free speech and open debate, civil discourse on politics, finance, and law in any country, and the right to express oneself any way one might choose. While we strive to maintain zero bias on social or political leanings, we respect the rights of others and welcome them to discuss their own affiliations and social preferences. Please check out our VidCast with our contributor Y.O.D.A. here on (preferred to support the site) or on Youtube! Please also educate yourself here; Manly P. Hall Archive (Esoteric) Mike Maloney (Finance) RichieAllenShow (World News) Corbett Report (Alternative Media) Truthstream Media (Alternative Media) Spirit Science (Esoteric) O.D.D. TV (Conspiracy) David Icke (Alternative Media/Conspiracy) Eric Dubay (Alternative Media, Flat Earth Proofs) APlaneTruthInfo (Conpiracy, Jesuits, Flat Earth Proofs, Alternative Knowledge) In Harmony and Light, We Love You! Namaste.
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