French experimental music composer. Composing Album/EPs. Media Market: Documentaries, TV Scene, Ads, Video Games
Solo dev making a Multiplayer Shooter. Hmm, lame, lets retry. Cyberspace online arena, solo dev... Better
Creating psychelelic and dark ambience since 2017.
I just love making music and making people happy with it. I started when I was 11 years old, now I'm 27 and I'm still trying to learn as much as possible and expand to every style possible. I like Metal above all, but I also like reggae, ska, punk, dubstep, big room, hardstyle, and a lot more! So with me you can talk about anything in music. I'm currently making electronic music because I fell in love with it last year and found out it is my true passion! So here I am, nice to meet you all!
Unknown Colorado, Stealth Camping, Sovereignty. All people of all nationalities and backgrounds are welcome here. Art, Music, Fashion, Video, Books Https:// I know, it's eclectic. Send LTC to LZiPk9n2rT5byscNPY1NECVd9H5hMa4osK Send BTC to 17ZrWU81gqpizWWXN1pg1ejQ3yWy27ow42 Send fiat to Send BAT to Https:// ALL people of all backgrounds and nationalities are welcome here. Namaste.
Aug 2018
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