a lot of buzz words that make you like me.

my belief is that Skill's on how to better or find new skills be it socially,mental or spiritual makes you human. currently i am posting videos i my self did not make,so if you like something go check out there channel and tell them skillsandthoughts sent you from,good for them, and this site. grouping tags ------------------------name------------------- #SkillsAndTought ---------------------tool types---------------- #primitivemachinery #stonetools #coppertools ------------- Material Processing ---------- #OreProcessing #FlintKnapping #Charcoalization #Combining #herbdrying ----------------------Overview----------------- #StoneToolsOverview ------------------------------------------------- #materialVSmaterial -------------material using skills------------- #primitivecrafting #primitivebuilding #primitiveclaywork #Blacksmithing #basketry #herbalism ---------------------sayings-------------------- #ImaginationBecomesInvention -------------------operations------------------ #handpowered -------------------- Series---------------------- #PTDaubHut --------------------Utilities--------------------- #forge #FiringKiln ----------------------link tags----------------------- #primitvelinks #infomation #PDF

If you used to be on, join me on: As you join my journey, do join my group called #INTRODUCTIONS to quickly introduce yourself: The ultimate intention is to surpass Google but for now I am keep my dreams alive in dream-bits, support your boy Terry!

A comedy channel where we dive deep into the rabbit hole into topics unknown to ordinary man. I'm Jeremy Burrows the creator of this show brace yourself as we go on a journey together deep into controversial topics stuff unknown to most main stream man. I reckon if you can't have a conversation about something then that's a good indication your living in a fascist society. After all where all human beings if we can put aside our petty minuet differences and see that we are all really the same, then you'd hope we'd stop killing each other over such stupid, pointless, selfish, greedy shit. I am here to laugh about how childish our species is behaving at this point in time and hopefully restore some humility back to our humanity. If you have any ideas, suggestion or would like to get in contact please email me at [email protected] and remember "Don't believe anyone, including me. Look and see for yourself." Soundcloud: Youtube:

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The red pill and its opposite, the blue pill, are popular cultural symbols representing the choice between embracing the sometimes painful truth of reality (red pill) and the blissful ignorance of illusion (blue pill). The terms, popularized in science fiction culture, are derived from the 1999 film The Matrix."

We are Pirates of Dark Water, here to unite minds for our cause, we are here to save the world and no one will know it was us. We have been in the shadows watching and this is bout to get nuts We're here to stop injustice, and release the world from its cuffs, We stand up they fall, that is all, they are weak and we're tall, United to stand on our feet at the call to defeat any foe. Check out my rap blog. You must be incognito to view. Use a browser that can handle tor to web sites.

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