CHRISTIAN, GOD#1, Trump#2, PRO-LIFE, Love OUR MILITARY, Men & Women in BLUE, Pro-2nd, LOVE the USA ! Pro-Love-Forgiveness-Empathy, Only TWO Genders, TRUMP2024 !!! I am a chronic pain survivor, I can walk for a short time. But for the most part I use my POWER chair. I have a list a mile long of maladies, the last to be added is prostate cancer. And I just keep on going, PRAISE GOD !
Welcome dear reader to Nick's Noir Zone. Where we explore the twisted deeds and minds of some of the most violent and vile killers that have ever lived. Join us on a journey into True Crime, Serial Killers, Unsolved Mysteries and other dark tales of horror and tragedy. The how of these depraved acts will be explored as well as more importantly the, why? This page will also include the latest research on psychopathy/sociopathy and touch upon social issues such as child prostitution, the mentally ill, racism and the LGBTQ community. Join me as I try to shine a light into the darkness. #Truecrime #Killers #Mystery #Stories
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I'm interested in politics, history, nature, people with a sense of humor. I'm not sure how to explain my politics anymore. A few years ago I considered myself solidly on the left. Now I'm I guess what you would call politically homeless. I don't consider myself conservative but I can't support any of the madness on the left right now. It's also made me hesitant to embrace any kind of labels because most organized groups seem to be represented by their most extreme these days. I created this channel with a previously used name from reddit. I've abandoned most mainstream social media due to how toxic it's gotten. My reason for using the same name is for anyone from TWL (a community on reddit which I was a moderator of for several years), who meanders over and would like to stay in touch. I also started a group here, Flo's Diner. It doesn't have a specific topic, more just a place for banter and to share whatever's on your mind. Feel free to join!
Knowing The Difference
My page is not for the faint of heart, but then again, neither is the truth. I'm just a dude trying to figure everything out who likes sharing with other like-minded individuals. I don't belong to any party or group since I've realized... It's all 1 organization. But the democrats are trying to be the bane of freedom. Once you realize what your dissonance feels like, you have a powerful tool. Don't shy away from it, dive in. ;) Goodluck. P.S. Feel free to meme anything that I say, IDGAF, I don't make memes, it's all stolen. Maybe eventually I'll get along well enough with Linux... just do it! ;)
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