Just another awake individual This song captures a lot of what I feel. If you've come across this page to see something about me, I highly recommend you drop what you are doing and give this a listen.
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Normal news is creating real news.

馃挏 Beauty lies more within actions than appearance. The meaning of life is to find meaning in life. Soul and sapiosexual. I'm authentic, all natural, all real, no fake body parts, or multi-faced tendencies. I can't stand liars & false pretenses. I appreciate meaningful conversation, similar likes & appreciate being enlightened. I want to meet people worth knowing, creative minds, & create lasting bonds. Seeking all activists, shifters, movement, and awakened, especially ANONYMOUS. 馃挏 Main Pages: @transcendtowers - @stop5gflorida Associated Partners: @cris.myers @plantbasedconsultant @atomwarlok @realstevegrant @jharveywrc @bs4flgov @stop5ghawaii @stop_5g_germany @stop5gflorida @stop5gtexas @stop5g @stop5goregon @stop5gnow @stop5gpuertorico @stop5gpennsylvania @stop5gsaintlouis @stop5gwashington @stop5gchicago @stop5gnewmexico @stop5gmaryland @stop5ginlandempire @stop5g_ @stop_5g_now @vegantake0ver @foundconscious @the.cell.tower.project #5g #stop5g #anti5g #dangersof5g #warningsof5g #cancer #deathtowers #gwentowers #dew #harrp #directenergyweapon #directenergyweapons #alternativehealing 馃挏馃挏馃挏 Thank you to all helping to spread awareness of the dangers of 5G. 馃挏馃挏馃挏

Certified Holistic Health Professional

Husband, Father, Philosopher, Futurist, Perpetual Student, Evolving Parent Creator

Mostly public/homeschool related posts, but I am here to learn from you. Share your thoughts, share your experiences, tell me what you think. Pro: -Homeschooling -Family -EQUAL rights -liberty

Some faggot on the interbutts | I sexually identify as a big guy | Who is the master that makes the grass green? | Huxley Scholar | Discordian Pope | Eris did nothing wrong If you'd like to support me/my work (for some ungodly reason): Other sites that I have accounts on:

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