"Shepherd" is the title I use as an ordained minister. I founded C.M. Ministry as an extension of my work to support Veterans and their families that are having difficulty. As a Service Connected Disabled Veteran myself, I can work with others without judging them. The families of Veterans also need support as few of them understand what the Veteran is going through. Our ministry has expanded to include First Responders (Police, Fire, Paramedics, ER personnel) as in many areas, it is the same as a war zone with the way people treat each other in crime areas across this country. As a life member of the American Legion, I show a lot of their events to help our Veterans, Community, State and Nation. I am also a life member of DAV, although not as active with that great organization. If you would like to support our ministry, we created a company to help fund us. Take a look and see if there is anything on the site that may interest you. We have a variety of areas to look into.
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Dash Cam Judge All footage is shot in a public area (outside) and so permission is not needed from drivers or anyone in the vids.
A burn pit refers to an area in military sites devoted to open-air combustion of trash. The phrase was first used to refer to the common way of getting rid of waste at the U.S. military sites in Iraq and Afghanistan. The Poisoning of American soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan #OEF #OIF #VA #Veterans #burnpits #BurnPits360 WALL OF HONOR The following individuals have graciously donated tokens to our page and we would like to show our appreciation to them publicly. Thank you for your support!!!
I'm an amateur author and a relatively new blogger. My main focus tends to be in the gaming community, with a side interest in politics and recent events. Follow my Blog at:
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