It's true, productivity is up and the economy is booming! Welcome to the Golden Age of Propaganda! (Disclaimer: none of the pictures on this channel were made by us. Also, feel free to understand that most of the posts are humor, thank you!)

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~ Here to spread & share undeniable truths ~ concerning what is happening to our once great Western Civilization. It’s ok to be white. In fact, it’s more than ok, it’s great to be white. No shame shall be bestowed upon us unless we ourselves advocate that shame first. The self-deprecating whites out there currently infesting the west with their virtue-signaling and hyper emotionalism, while simultaneously extending apathy for every single ethnic-minority group besides our own - do not deserve the significant honor of being associated with true white people. let these self-loathing individuals migrate to the Middle-East and Africa they apparently adore, so much.. ~ Liberalism is truly a mental illness ~

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I post Pan-Slavic Art, Memes and songs, Join me to learn more about Slavic culture

Feb 2018
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