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Notes From The Underground: A Dim Outline

SatoriDFeb 2, 2022, 10:26:10 PM

"We’re beginning to see a resurgence of the original strain of cyberculture: those who see in media and technology a way to express rather than repress human creativity." (Douglas Rushkoff)

Lately, I been struggling to find a way back to myself. The Past 2 years has been a cyclone of experiences. In the past couple of months death has come to visit me and whispered its sweet nothings. 

Pulled the Cosmic Trigger
and now the abyss is pullin souls
left and right, up and down

Those people who know my mind best
I can't keep losing you, I can't keep losing
those that I can truly talk to
those that don't know how much
they touched my soul
gave that spark in the darkness
help me find this path
who are taking this savage journey
to create the wyrd

There is no such thing as coincidence,
there's only programmed synchronicity.
[Tek was right]

When I made the Thanks for that Teklordz, I went thru my archive of early minds audio. How do I express what all of this stuff has meant to myself and what I like to call The Creative Minds Underground? 

Then Douglas Rushkoff sent up some Magickal Flares:

Rushkoff sends up a magickal flare, 
You best believe SaTori is gonna answer!

In this Bonus Podcast of Team Human, Rushkoff talks about getting a wink from the Universe and how that is only the beginning. 

Now it has come time to cast my own spell once again. Finally that this weird tale of The Minds Underground.

The Minds Underground: A Savage Journey To Create The Wyrd 

Wyrd; to shape/that which is shaped
also see: program or be programmed

Understanding programming - either as a real programmer or even, as I'm suggesting, as more of a critical thinker- is the only way to truly know what's going on in a digital environment, and to make willful choices about the roles we play. 

This is a tale of learning and understanding the tools of the digital landscape better than the so-called cultural gatekeepers. We are The Creators, We are on a savage journey to create the wyrd, because it is program or be programmed. In this meme eat meme world. You're either creating culture or you're a slave to the culture. 

We created The Imaginarium to amplify human creativity and connection on Minds. But then it grew Infinite, with The Minds Underground; A Decentralized Group of hackers, artist, shamans, visionaries, crypto poets, and normies, trying to Connect - Collaborate - Create. 

Lost Ideas and Unfinished Projects

{Dreaming The Imaginarium/The MINDS Underground: Retrieving A Whole Lot Of Crazy}

The Minds Underground Documentary is mapping out and looking back at the past five years and answering that question. Now what?

 Eras of Imaginarium:

-The Minds Panel Show; everything under the sun, syenero/cryptohustle show. 24hr Imaginarium

-Infinite Imaginarium; Dale/Meg, setting up the foundation for Imaginarium as a concept. 

-SatoriD cut-ups the present and the future leaks out. We Are The Creators

-Open Mic Poetic Expressions. Decentralizing the vision: Curryhobo Scribbles, Mac Open Mic.

-(VaporTest) Pulling The Cosmic Trigger; MindsGaming; [NOW] Imaginarium DAO, blockchain ecosystems for self-sustaining governance, Imaginarium creators will be able to stake their creative assets to fund/influence future development of Imaginarium.

For Those That Create

Working on Remaking Visions of The Minds Panel Show

The way hackers and other computer enthusiasts, and ravers, and old school punkers, and bloggers, and Burning Man attendees will work and play and put in their own time and money to do something not because there is a potential for profits or awards or honors but our sheer enthusiasm indicates something about human beings that goes unrecognized in both capitalist and socialist societies that presume people have to be coerced into making efforts. Granted a certain amount of autonomy, a certain permission to put some creativity into their work, and a certain amount of autonomy, a certain shared sense of community, people will do all kinds of stuff simply because it's engaging to do and can be shared. 

These sorts of ideas form the dim outline of a new way of organizing a society, where we don't impose material scarcity in situations where there is any. 

@Cartman1 is reading this part, I Have music but I can always use visuals.

What we are trying to do is create this Mosaic of expression, a open source Mosaic of Minds doc-series. 

I have create a dim outline of new way of making magick happen here on minds. 
We Are The Creators, We Are The Imaginarium. We are not a cult where you lose yourself. But a collective where you find yourself and your creative collective expressions. 

You only do self-discovery in concert with other selves.  

For A Whole Lot of Crazy, is the model in which I want to build on. It was a project that took about a month of some creative bouncing back and forth. But Mac, Curryhobo, SexdeathRebirth, Bekanode and myself all danced and fit all the pieces together to build something better. 

As we move forward I will create playlist and blog to guide us along to create and piece together this Mosaic of Minds.com 

Help and Support

  • Leave a comment; add you to tag list, maybe talk about your skills in which you can add to this wyrd brew.
  • Like, Remind and if you can become a member of Satorid Channel. I have a creative collective liquidity pool that I want to grow, so that I can commission some original music and artwork for The Minds Underground. I also need a new computer, because the last few times I played with visuals I crashed my computer =/
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  • Share Youtube Channel to outside Minds People. I will be upload the best version of classic minds videos and making VaporTest and Imaginarium Playlists.
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