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Appreciating a Terence McKenna Dream

SatoriDJan 20, 2021, 6:58:27 PM

Image: Classic Mesoles Terence Merged with Timothy C. Ely's Synesthesia Artwork with a lil Satori touch. 

The Transcendental School at The Edge of the Abyss
The Imagination Must Serve The Ideal Of The Beautiful
Imagination is something that one beholds,
Dream the impossible dream, hurl yourself into the abyss
Beauty is downloaded into the cultural operating system via Dreams

Few months ago, I finally got Trip: Psychedelics, Alienation, and Change by Tao Lin. Tao talks a lot about how Terence influenced him to give psychedelics another look and helped him deal with issues of Alienation and also sparked change.

Early 2020, I had this dream about Terence McKenna. I will try to express the felt experience of this Dream to the best of my abilities.

First, there was this very weird experience that happened just before The Dream. I would file this experience under Sleep paralysis, the quality of this experience was similar but slightly different. I have had my fair share of sleep paralysis experiences, which started around 17-18 until now I am 36. But this experience was more similar to a salvia trip, which makes this experience even more mysterious.

Up until this point, I haven't had psychedelics in 2 years, salvia in 7 years, also I would note that I been fairly sober this pervious year. I have only smoked weed twice and drank once, before moving to Florida for about the past 5 months. I think this is important to note because I note it to myself. As I go thru my own inventory, on what, why, and how of these 'weird' experiences.

But back to the experience, this 'sleep paralysis' had the same spiky physical sensation that is classic to my salvia experience, also with the same intense neon beams of what I can best express as the Net of Indra with this 2d perception. It's really hard to describe something without a frame of reference, but there is a Scene in Interstellar, The Transcending Space/Time, which I think is fairly close to what am trying to express.

Except I didn't have a spacesuit. Actually trying to recall the experience right now, I didn't really have awareness of a body. It was like a very intense Salvia trip, in which you are just awareness with no 'body'. Consciousness without an Object.

There was also this physical pain sensation that is really hard to overcome, it was really distracting. Salvia in my experience has this feeling of 1000 piercing of needles all over my body. Another way I can say it, was that my awareness was put thru a cosmic shredder. That these jewel strings of the Net of Indra were ripping apart my awareness.

There are some very weird experiences in sleep paralysis, as I said before I have had 'regularly' or fair share of experiences with it. In having a good amount of sleep paralysis, I have had encounters with the jinn or incubus 'entities', but this was really different than that, even tho having some similarities. The only words that can describe this sensation of physical pain, which is odd because I had no sense of 'body'. But it's like the classic million bee stings sensation which was used by ancient shamans. Maybe that what I get for latching myself to the Beeman Shaman.

Once I was able to break out of the vision, or 'wake up' there was a lag, where I was confused but then go back to 'regular' physical sensation. Its a rare and weird quality of this experience, unlike other 'dream' experiences. Something that I learn to deal with them is not to fight it but just to go with the flow.

Easier said than done but after I was wrestling to try to let it be, I make it on the other side of this experience. I finally after a couple of tries of breaking out then trying to sleep again, only to go right back in the experience. This happened 3 times then finally went to 'sleep'.

center of the satoriD.png
Image Inspired by Fred Tomaselli

Connecting us all like a neon beam,
straight through the seams of consciousness,
the infinite mandala of mirrors, masks, reflection
and deflection of perception, time and the self
Can you see, dear one, that tricks are for cosmic giggles?

I've tripped on shrooms and been fully aware
that what I was seeing was in my mind, not reality.

I been on shrooms and been fully aware
that what I normally see is not deep reality
and that what I experienced at that moment was
something more, some kind of deep nature

I have had a Moses moment where I communing with a burning bush
Learning that fine line between brilliant and insane is a bit hazy

A Dream within a Dream is what it all seems to be
My whole life can be dissolved down to a single grain of sand
On the shores of perception, At the sea of possibilities
crashes and collapse into reality



All of sudden I find myself in unidentifiable room, standing in front of an unfaced class. I was giving this report On the Invisible Landscape and The Nature of Reality. I began speaking,

"Terence McKenna was fond of saying that the world is made of language. What seems likely is that Terence was not only contending that the universe is a genetic, extra-dimensional, interspecies verbal construct, but that it exists primarily as a result of our consciousness of it. What he may actually have been implying is, the world is made of imagination. There is, after all, a possibility that when it comes to consensual reality, we're making it up. All of it. And language is the universal medium by which we identify and explain our creation to ourselves.

In Computer Science you learn about different programming languages, which build operating systems that are how agents interact with data. In a lot of ways, this might be the best way to look at the Nature of Reality and the Invisible Landscape can be thought of the code that constructs OS of Reality. Imagination is both the central processing unit and a graphics card. There is the Forgotten Language of Dreams and Myths that construct our perception and how we process reality. "

And then I start to blend I Ching, Pyramid of Fire: Lost Aztec Codex and the teachings of Terence McKenna, but I begin to feel very weak and it was a struggle to keep focus, that's when my professor who looked like Terence McKenna but wasn't. Starts to grill me on that I was saying this how it is, instead of this is my best suspicion and I was tainting my research with my own BS (Belief System).

And then he asked me if I notice any weird synchronicities. I said yes the power of 3, that all my research and findings could be seen as a divisible by 3. He found this very interesting. I told him yeah and this goes back to my research before I realized it. But I don't know, I think maybe that's why I had this weird experience referring to my 1000 neon light beams outside of space/time and he told me that makes sense and the reason you look like an egg. Then I woke up. As this phrase echoes in my awareness, Yeah that makes sense and probably the reason you look like an egg.

After I woke up, I tried to piece together the fragments of my Dreams. I went to my computer and had a poetic discussion with my friend Rose, which is where a lot of Cut Up Poetic lines stem from. Here is a piece of the discussion that happened a few minutes after waking up.

Rose [8:47 AM]
Was it like your subconscious was processing and synthesizing your daytime thoughts?

satorid [8:47 AM]
why you look like an egg
then I woke up

Rose [8:47 AM]
We are eggs of energy yo

satorid [8:47 AM]
that makes sense probably why you look like an egg
Toltec Dreaming, its one of the main lessons
it was more like my subconscious was processing and synthesizing my lifetime thoughts

Rose [8:52 AM]
Haha your brain didn't get the memo, sleep time is rest time :p

satorid [8:53 AM]
that bastards never read the memos
oh man I really use to hit the whole Toltec Dream Hard
where one time It felt like I had an experience of a year in one night
and I woke up thinking I need to take a break
how am suppose to function today at work
after that

Rose [8:54 AM]


We have always been caught up in the anticipation of the unspeakable. The human adventure has always been a flirtation with these gigantic forces in an unseen dimension. This is what sets our religions going, this is what creates gurus and messiahs and scientific breakthroughs, it's that somehow we are in resonance with something much larger than ourselves, something which you could call the greater attractor, the transcendental object at the end of time. (Terence McKenna)

We are an effort to literally realize natures collective dreams
the mystery is in the body and the way
the body works itself into nature

You are a divine being. You matter, you count.
You come from realms of unimaginable power and light,
and you will return to those realms.

get with the program of a living world and the imagination
the universe is an art-making machine

The Imagination must serve the ideal of the beautiful
If it doesn't change the structure of the human soul, then
We will have to go deeper, and take a walk on the wild side

Is it the coming of the superorganism?
It is going to define, to redefine what it is to be human.
technologies are neither Gods nor demons, it’s what you do with it.

But the dilemma of human freedom is that we don’t know,
we don't know where we rest in the universal hierarchy of good and evil.
what would we do if we could do anything?

Would our transcendent impulses drive us to a kind of angelhood,
or would we flop on the “sceney” side.

but what if we erase that possibility of individual action
and is there then only one destiny?

The syntactical nature of reality, the real secret of magic,
is that the world is made of words.

if you know the words that the world is made of,
you can make of it whatever you wish
get with the program of a living world and the imagination

Transcendence is favored.
Transcendence is favored.
Transcendence is favored.

Nature seems to be in the business of building systems
which transcend themselves.

By slicing into messages of McKenna from books,
images, articles & lectures, mind-bending coincidences emerge
that otherwise would have remained invisible

Note: My process is I cut up, remixed, and use quotes of Terence McKenna to give you the felt experience of my dream. All images are credited with links that I sampled. I have original collages and poetry inspired by the dream. I figure Minds is the best place to share such a strange a