I post up my animations here on Minds but, I usually post other Minds artist here aswell. Make sure to subscribe to them if you're into their art. Any type of support helps em out.

Hello, I’m Kevin Jebone Ascabano a.k.a. KeengOwo. I’m a student and a vlogger living in Iligan City, Philippines. I am a fan of photography, arts, and travel. I’m also interested in writing and food.. As a student, I really love to learn new and random things. Knowledge is something I enjoy having and obtaining. I take a ton of pictures using my phone, hence I call myself a phone photography-er. Yes! I really love photography even if I'm an amateur in this field. Art is my first love. As a kid, growing up was easy because I always knew what I was meant for and that is to love art with all my life. I like crafting and even just plain drawing. I am also a doodler which I take really seriously. Traveling is something that cannot be taken from me. I have been traveling since I was really young that's why I got used to being alone on the road. My course also demands traveling which makes everything perfect for me! I also write a lot. I write about almost anything in my life. I write about my travels, food, craft, and just about anything. I write to express because I'm better at letting my emotions out with written words. I also make vlogs to express myself and to share to people the things that I have experienced and will experience in the future. I just basically shoot every moment that I find myself on and edit from there. I make different kinds of vlogs depending on my mood. You can watch my videos by clicking this link Alright! That's it for me right now. And if you guys still have questions or something to say to me, feel free to contact me in any of my social media accounts and I assure you that I will respond to your messages. Thank you for dropping bye! Cheerio!

Freelance artist. Original art and commissions. Email enquiries to [email protected]

The Creators of Eon Altar: A Mobile-Enhanced Local Co-op RPG for 1-4 Players Your smartphone is your character! Eon Altar brings modern technology to the social experience of couch co-op gaming. Voice your character, choose which secrets to keep and what lies to tell. Gather your friends, order the pizza and descend to the depths of the Eon Altar!

Indie game dev from england, new to minds, thanks for checking my channel out :)

Musician from Sweden, i also code (mainly c++) so i might go on some WinAPI related rants...

Stargazer • Artist

I Draw lewd stuff & sometimes do animation PIXIV ID:12048298

anime, manga and figures, though not necessarily in that order. G+ Refugee: +warazashi

Illustrator specializing in drawing cute girls doing cute things. I do take requests over on my tumblr or through my email. [email protected]

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