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Smart Tips to Axe Hatchet Throwing

RoxanneStirlingNov 7, 2018, 8:09:11 PM

Axe throwing events are the most thrilling occasions for most sports lovers. Ideally, axes are of many types, colors, and even sizes. In most cases, the level of axe throwing by the participants depend on size since the size determines how heavy or light an axe bury the hatchet. However, for any axe throwing, there are several tips applied by the participant to ensure they get the highest score. If you are an axe thrower or you are new to the sport then here is a list of tips that will enable you to score most in your next axe throwing event.

The first tip is to know targets and scoring. The scoring point which made on a wooden frame mounted on a wall have rings which represent points. Since there are five rings within each other, the smallest ring is the one with most points. On the other hand, the bigger ring only gives you a mark and to get the highest score, it is evident that you have to hit the smallest ring. Besides you can also hit the blue balls which are at the corner. Though this is very hard, it will give you ten points.

The next tip in axe throwing is considering your safety. For safety, purposes ensure that only two players are at the lane and they must throw their axes at the same time as well as retrieve them at the same time. If you are onlooker the best place to stand is behind the lines to ensure that the axes do not hit you. Also if you are new to axe throwing the best thing is to make sure that your axe is not sharpened so that you do not cut yourself. After all, the sharpness of the axe will not determine how far the axe will go. What determines your success is the throw itself. Visit this axethrowingnewjersey.com to get ideas.

Next, know axe throwing techniques. The axe throwing technique range from simple to advanced levels and if you are new to the event starts with the simple throwing technique. Since axe throwing is a competition, it is paramount that at you start with what you know as your throwing progresses to new techniques. This is the easiest way to ensure that you sustain your axe throwing passion and expertise even in future competition.Know how many throws you can make as well as how far you are capable of throwing.

Browse more details at this link: https://en.oxforddictionaries.com/definition/axe