Robert Murray Boyd

Born on May 31, 1952 Robert Murray Boyd is married to Christine Boyd and together they have three children and four grandchildren. Robert attended VIU majored in Creative Writing and is a published author, an award winning musical play-write and an accomplished musician singer/songwriter. Robert is also in the band known as Full Blue Moon Robert is now looking to pursue his interests in Environmental Services and is CEO of Present Earth an environmental news watch network and environmental solutions consortium. In the secular field in the past Robert has held a position at Frito-Lay as a Packaging Tech and Process operator for the 6 years 9 months. Prior to that Robert worked at FTI Magna Lighting, doing power smart conversions to T tech power smart lighting systems. Robert was the Vancouver Island Manager for FTI for the period 16 month period of the program, training all the sales people, 6, and the installers, 6 and managing the entire warehouse operations, the resulting over 2.5 million dollars in sales speaks for itself, his wife Christine was one of the top sales people on the island. Robert was CEO of Charity Express Inc. A charity that raised funds and built a corn and rice Mill in the Palawan aided Vancouver street youth through outreach programs. Robert was also on the board of directors of Earthtime Inc. An environmental recycling consortium and on the board of directors for Advanced Pyramid Technologies Inc. as well.
Sep 2016
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