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I'm a Guerrilla gardener that's planted over 10,000 seeds and 300 fruit trees last year in public places. Help me plant more fruit trees! Stop #censorship by joining me on alternative sites.

I live in the greatest country the world has ever known. I'm insatiably curious. I wish I had ten lives to deeply explore everything that captures my attention. I advocate for individual rights; U.S.Sovereignty; our incredible Constitution; homeschooling; health freedom; and nutritional medicine. Fire your allopathic doctor and take back your health. I fight against the NWO, globalists, statists, Big Pharma, and PC culture. They are killing humanity, and trying to destroy the greatest country on earth. We must rise up and fight this horrific evil. * Principles Over issues * * Freedom is my mantra *

So yeah, fuck Facebook. I'm over big tech de-platforming news channels.

I am here merely to perform the duty of my office. To further fear me is redundant, to hate me, heretical. Those more sensible will place responsibility with whom have forced them astray.

#DeleteFacebook user since 2015. Wary Of Google since 2016. Give reason a chance. 馃捇 Desk Items: Site: Highlight the whole story link and right-click, then press [Open Link]

Buddhist practitioner - Science and Technology researcher - Nature and Animal lover - Cyberpunk and Synthwave dreamer - Donald Trump and MAGA supporter

OT saves your time & brings you the best products & information to help you transition to a healthier lifestyle. We cover over 50 categories! We also support local businesses with our locator feature, all products in our online store are searchable by certification AND vetted by our staff. We are also working hard to bring you local gardening solutions. We founded OT out of a complex pregnancy experience that inspired us to lead a healthier lifestyle. We had to take non-conventional approaches, which was fine for us since we're non-conventional! As activist, journalists, entrepreneurs, and more we come to you with a vision to prove forward thinking lifestyle actions will make a huge difference on the planet and in your life!

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Nov 2016
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