I am a controls Engineer. I love to build gadgets. I am a maker at heart. I am working on a website for people that want to learn technology. I plan on doing this using alternate websites like Bitchute and RealVideo. Knowledge is important to me and I always want to make sure I'm not passing on false information.
Is history as we learnt in school? Or is it simply written by the victors throughout time? Perhaps there is a greater story waiting to be uncovered, dusted off and deciphered. Come join us and help rewrite the History Books... Chat: #ancientmysteries:minds.com
~~ So much Beauty - So little time ~~ Looking for Gingers (redheads) that shows the lovely #Female form {} in an #Erotic, #Sexy or just plain #Beautiful way. Might also be couples in #Sensual or #Sexual activities. #Naked or non-nude is fine. Some nice painting or drawings of Gingers is fun too. 1) MUST be #Ginger / #Redhead / strawberry blonde or Bottle red. No Brunettes or Blondes. 2) No trans women. 3) ONLY then she should be Beautiful and/or Erotic 4) Please limit your daily postings to 5 per person. Leave room for others. Note: No golden shower type pictures, before you ask this includes scat as well. No trans women . If that is your kink look for or start another Group. **** Remember to use #NSFW and set to #Explicit if your post shows #Nudity or #Sexual content. Thanks for joining and sharing content. Administrator SoMuchBeauty (aka @VincePrime) with help from @ditylinksaggregate ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Any content that does not follow the general theme of the group will be removed. If there are multiple posts of off theme content by the same person he / she will be removed from the group. Lots of other pages / groups for almost any kind of content. Go post over there. Thanks everyone
This is a group for PC enthusiasts, gaming and anything tech related be it Mac, Windows, Linux, IT career paths in administration, coding/programming, cyber security engineers or general internal support gripes. I encourage information sharing to help others learn. I am learning myself and will always be learning I am sure. Make this the one group to rule them all, as most of these interests can be overlapping. Feel free to post and at least try to keep it related to the group. Please be civil with each other. That is all.
ALL things #Science and #Technology #Discussion #Infosharing #Research #Investigation Group Rules: Members are free to share a maximum of 3 "Science and technology" related posts per day Spammers will be dealt with accordingly
Group focused on advanced preparation and survival lessons. Direct SPAMMING is not allowed. Must provide decent information, or education and well balanced information, and avoid propaganda. Posts that are not following ethics, or are direct spams are subject to removal. #prepping #survival #advanced #lessons
thinking too hard about the science in science fiction media
Ubuntu Questions
For discussion of all things related to Augmented Reality
All types of #Photography. #PhotographyGroup Group Owner: @Thyers Rules: 1. No inappropriate content. 2. No SPAM/Advertising/Monetised 3. 2 uploads per hour 4. Direct Link to non original work only 5. No videos (Time lapse allowed)
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