Dutch guy living in nature talking about news ,fighting the system, OS linux ,streaming/memes and owner of myopic red cat.

馃懡馃寛馃寣馃實馃尀馃寷 I am interested in aliens, the universe, healthy vegetarian food, music and conspiracy theories. And I 馃挅 animals.馃惀馃悋 

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鈥淟et them take arms. . . . The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.鈥 -Thomas Jefferson

Mixed Martial Artist Carson City, Nevada Muay Thai- Carson Kickboxing Club Brazilian JiuJitsu- Charles Gracie YT/TWTR/IG- anthony_fights Anthonyfights.com

Crypto Community Insider. Pro Bounty Hunter. Adventurer & Bohemian. https://angeloncrypto.com/ Tips, Insights and Guides to Earn Crypto #crypto #blockchain #bitcoin #cryptocurrency #ethereum #altcoins #eth #btc #investing #news #ico

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Norwegian, 24 years old. Interested in history, art, fitness, philosophy and music.

Northern Irish. Artist, musician, writer. Reviews, opinions, observations, nerd culture, musings, general fan-boy geekery, fiction and non-fiction. I am well liked by children and animals.   Your support is greatly appreciated!

Oct 2017
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