I help health seekers discover the proper way to succeed on a fruit focused lifestyle and experience digestive nirvana in accordance with our biological design as frugivores. I have been 100% fruit focused raw vegan for 19 years and vegan for 30. Contact me or check out my free ebook https://gumroad.com/l/DigestiveNirvana

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David Atkinson is an energy and consciousness worker specializing in Earth energies, Biofield tuning, Ghosts and more. Currently, travelling the world spreading light and practical skills.

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Welcome to Saros bar & dining, located i The Sebel Melbourne in Moonee Ponds. A New York styled restaurant with a European menu favouring a wine & tapas concept, the establishment is a welcome delight to locals and all Melbournian’s. Set on the ground floor in the burgeoning North-West of Melbourne, this new hotspot boasts big apple styled booths, an enticing menu to tantalise the taste buds, delectable cocktails with the centrepiece being the marble bar that oozes sophistication, style and class.

Jun 2015
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