Patriot, twisted sense of humor, Love the USA, Believes in God, Tarot Reader, Spritual Guidance and a Walking Contradiction. My soul is good. Don’t need a sermon. Please and thank you. I steal most of the memes I post. I have a dark sense of humor. This page is not for anyone under the age of 21. I’m not responsible for your kids on here. I am what I am. 🦋✌🏻✨🌻🧁

Honor, Duty, Family, Faith, County and Tradition. These are the Principles I've Lived by. These Lessons My Father Taught Me As I Taught My Son. Never Compromise Your Values For Anyone Or Anything. Please, It's Not Necessary To Send Me Anything, I'm Here For The (((Patriots))) And Love Of My Country☝️ Carpe Diem ⚔️🇺🇸🇨🇱⚔️ Semper Fidelis ⭐ #QAnon #QArmy #MAGA #KAG2020 #TheGreatAwakening

Decorated Meme War Veteran Advanced Meme Magician Proud Kekistani Samurai QAnon Delta Force Operative #MAGA! #WWG1WGA! Let loose the frogs of war and REEEEEEEEEEE! #Kek #Kekistan #memes #memetics #MemeMagic #FuckFacebook

ђєг๏'ร t๏Ԁค⑂ lєgєภԀ'ร Ŧ๏гєṽєг

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