Named "The Final Boss of Internet Shitlords". Helped make #dnd5e Designer of Lion & Dragon, Arrows of Indra & other #ttrpg Writes RPGs/Politics/Occult Real-Life Wizard https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFzZEZe6s6OR90Ud7PvTWeA

Swedish Democrat and Anti-Theist.

self sufficiency is a goal, empathy a must, spiritually a journey and freedom a truth... i have enough rough edges to ruffle all the feathers i must, skill to build any bridges needed and humor enough to get me through... i follow patterns connect dots the best teachers is the one that allways remains a student...

US Navy Veteran (Submarine Communications,) Bartender, Storyteller, Rancher, Publisher, Streamer, BBA Entrepreneurship University of Cincinnati

Gamer, Educator, Father, Husband, Geek.

I have worked as a color specialist for various print & design companies for the last decade. I graduated from Columbia College Chicago with duel bachelor degrees in interactive multimedia and fine arts painting with a minor in photography. I work in a diverse array of mediums: Painting (oil, acrylic, watercolor, latex, spray), Photography, Drawing (colored pencil, oil marker, fine point pen, oil pastels, chalk, charcoal) Sculpture(Clay, paper-mache, digital) Graphic Design (logos, Icons, front end design,3D). Current Art for sale on EBAY: https://tinyurl.com/yb5xubcz I am always looking for support: https://www.patreon.com/DanielSoderberg I post to the following groups: #Photography #SurrealistArt #Drawing #Painting #Cloudphotos #BBQ #Writing #Sculpture #Flowers

The Left-Libertarian, Autism-Spectrum Super Villain. Planning world domination from my Bisexual Dungeon of Solitude. #LoveAllThePeople.

Hello there, traveler! I'm MarschelArts. A illustrator and Character Designer by trade and storyteller by heart. Come, sit by the fire and listen to a story or two. Maybe you have to tell one yourself?

Aug 2018
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