Damian Questiny

Founder of Elemental Hypertech & Inventor of the World’s 1st Time Travel Game .
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Create A Better World. Create A Cooperative World. https://www.minds.com/groups/profile/609665244096114708 CooperativeWorld.org

I believe in unifying all beings into alignment with unconditional love for everything. I believe in creating new systems that provide for our people and i choose to act in a way that empowers all sovereign beings into freedom. How may i support you into higher levels of sovereignty? I invite you to learn more about a global network of micro-nations and sovereign beings, the Tribe of Awakening Sovereignty http://www.tribeofawakeningsovereignty.com/


The Tribe of Awakening Sovereignty is a collective embodiment of Unconditional Love. Our purpose is to empower the Human Race with effortless access to all forms of nourishment and tools for mental, physical, and spiritual Sovereignty. We believe we are ascending beyond the need for non-consensual governance, fear and concepts of scarcity. We have chosen to create and empower new systems of global, sustainable, ethical and transparent cooperative governance and resource distribution. We are co-creating these new ways of being by unifying all those who choose alignment with unconditional support and compassion. By bringing together ecovillages, revolutionary technology companies, humanitarian organizations, political and environmental activists, spiritual practitioners, temples, artists and cooperative businesses we are growing a foundation for global solutionary empowerment, peace and abundance. You are invited to rise up and empower yourself with us as we create an Abundant and Peaceful World that provides for all of its People. Should you choose to accept this invitation, please comment below with a declaration of your support by sharing your intentions. More details on the people, networks and organizations we are connecting can be found here http://www.tribeofawakeningsovereignty.com/updates/awakening-sovereignty-collaborative-network/

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Founder of Elemental Hypertech & Inventor of the World’s 1st Time Travel Game .

I am a Reincarnated Ascended Master. Here from Beyond to Guide and Protect all life in the transition from the old paradigm of fear and scarcity to the new paradigm of heaven on earth. http://www.tribeofawakeningsovereignty.com/

Las Vegas
Jun 2015
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