freedom + responsibility = liberty Always ignore anything that precedes a 'but'. Arbitrii Mihi Jura Me
All reality is subjective...
Voluntaryist, anti-war, Humanist ex-Christian who is tired of being told what to think. I use this to post funny memes about religion along with thoughts I have about religion and the ideas surrounding it. I am not overly concerned with how many viewers I have or how many likes each post gets. What I want from this channel is to articulate my thought about religion and groups like it, and in the process help people who, like me, were trapped in a closed circle of thought and dogmatized to, regardless of the source. I am not interested in and will not tolerate: threats, preaching, spam, MLM scams, anything about Deh Joos, etc. If I see it, I will block you. Whether from a religion, a government, an abusive parent/spouse or just from the absurdity of life, I hope you find something here that will spur you to improve as a person and overcome whatever has been holding you back. For what little it may be worth, I choose to believe that you can improve and move forward if you have a mind to do so.
Jesus is Our Lord and Saviour. Sometimes I wonder if MGTOW and WOKE women are as much a part of the Kalergi Plan as the LGBT and Pedophiles are. So a quick update of groups that I am Not Against: Im ok with Islamophobic Arabs Im ok with Anti-Semitic Jews (some call them anti-Zionist but we all know they are traitors to their "Prophecies") Im ok with White Supremacist Asians like Tila Tequila Im ok with Blacks that dont want to kill white people (aka Uncle Toms) there's probably more I need to think of. Some might ask me what do you think of anti-white white people? That's a loaded question. The difference with all the people that I listed is that they are not for the destruction of their kind. They are just not willing to be a cannon fodder in a Race War. Where as Anti-White White People actually want the destruction of the White Race.
Hobby Farm, and Bill of Rights lover
Sep 2016
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