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What if Social Media merged with the government? So that no one can buy or sell unless he has the mark, that is, the name of the beast or the number of its name.

President Trump 2020Sep 4, 2018, 8:04:31 PM

"Crypto-currency and the blockchain is the solution to the tyrannical government. We must tread lightly but carry a big stick."

Imagine a world where each and every one of you needed a universal ID to be able to interact online sort of like a library card, but for the entire internet.  

If you said something that didn't fit the "norm" you must be held accountable for the sake of "safety for everyone else". And that ID was attached to your "social credit score". If you misbehaved in the eyes of the ID creators your social profile would then lose points. If you follow their rules then your social score is high. But if you really question authority, then your so called "privileges" are revoked and you are labeled "dangerous to the community". 

It get's worse, what if there were no debit cards or cash? What if the only way to buy or sell was to use your phone or through your one and only government approved social media profile? And your phone knows every move you make from your location right down to your bank account balance down to a slur you used 10 years ago before social justice was an idea in the minds of 6 year olds who claim they are trans-gendered and those who question that are the devil. What if the only way to get paid by your employer was through your social media profile? You might as well implant a chip into your fucking hand right? Because if you don't follow their rules the authorities will label you as a trouble maker, a fool, and dangerous. What happens if the authorities of the new techno-world are no longer banks, governments and social media CEOs, but they are all three, combined into one giant lie. 

Facebook is now asking banks to join Messenger and bring their users financial information along with them. The Wall Street Journal reported that Facebook was asking banks for their users financial information, like credit card transactions and checking account balances.

This is a red flag. Banks are now beginning to realize the inevitable. That fact that crypto-currency is here to stay. They are resisting but there is no way to stop it. The banks cannot control the flow of crypto-currency , but as we speak they can certainly control the flow of information through censorship of information pioneers (youtubers, page owners, me and you, ect) by putting pressure on media outlets to do and say what they tell them to do and say. People that know what's going on must be silenced in their view. Political outsiders are "dangerous".

If a social media company merged with the banks, and the banks are merged with the government. This means that much like each person has a social insurance number, each person will have a unique social media profile that recorded their every move and knows everything about them. The problem arises when a company like Facebook then decides that your content is "unsafe" and therefore you as a person are labeled dangerous. You have said something that they don't like. You have become an "enemy of the people".

Crypto-currency will be the new global currency and there's nothing anyone can do about it. The banks and big tech are doing all they can to centralize the technology. They want control over crypto just like they control the banks at this moment. We must do all we can to decentralize all crypto-currency and all social media. Crypto-currency and the blockchain is the solution to the tyrannical government. We must tread lightly but carry a big stick.

Just imagine if a coward like Mark Zuckerburg told you that you can no longer buy or sell (or get paid) because you have the wrong thoughts. What a hell that would be. Thinking like that must be the hell that lives inside of Mark Zuckerburg's mind. 

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